Dragon Nest SEA Level 93 Cap Gold Farming Guide

Update: The game is currently undergoing massive deflation of in the Trading House. Although some of the items here are still virtually alright to sell in bulk, there are some that have depreciated in value. There are also new items added into the game that are of high value (premium labyss, shiny jewelry fragment, hardened labyss, etc.), but I will not be updating the guide for it any time soon due to the unstable economy of the game as consequence of DNSEA’s new content and in-game events (anniversary).

In Dragon Nest SEA, the in-game currency is everything. A lot of things may have changed in the game, but this fact remains the same and will be until the final days of Lagendia. There are a number of ways to get by in the game without spending real-life money yet, but you need to dedicate an ample amount of time in order to pull this off. Especially after the server hit inflation in the previous level cap, there is no denying that every bit of time you put into the game should be worth it.

I. On Leveling and Equipment Farming

Most gold-generating content are only accessible once you hit level 90 and above, so by all means max your character right away. EXP-wise, the curve has been made considerably bearable for new players, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  • Leveling to 93 (Red Waste in master mode) will give you access to level 90 jades, accessories, enhancement heraldry, and talisman. Keep the ones that your class needs.


  • Take the superior alteums and alliance gifts.
  • The rare-grade equipment (blue) is definitely an alternative if you don’t have anything to begin with.

It’s not really a requirement, but it will make things a little bit easier for you if you join a guild that is willing to help you get a head start. There are guilds who would bring new players to nests for their equipment needs.

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Dragon Nest SEA 60 Cap Gold Farming Guide

Gold Guide

This guide is made by Arrogance from the Cherry Credits Forums.

[Revised, added information for Level 60 Cap]

This guide will show some tips and hints on how to earn gold, how to use your resources and how to save gold for your living here in Dragon Nest Sea, so you can focus on your finances on more important things.

So basically, this guide is just the same as the one Arrogance made, I just follow what’s on the guide and applied it on my char, and yet it is really effective, You just need to have patience on farming your gold. Hardworking with smart thinking will be your investment here in playing this game.

First things first, before thinking of earning gold, you might want to consider the following:

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