Dragon Nest 2016 Future Content Conference: New Level Cap, New Class, Skill Awakening, Guild Updates, & More

Dragon Nest Korea held a conference last April 22nd to give us a rundown on their upcoming content. These changes are all planned to be released this year. Despite rumors circulating about Dragon Nest shutting down by 2017, the developers have no plans on closing down the game any time soon.

May 2016 Updates:

  • A new level cap is planned to be released on May 4th. 
  • All skill awakening of Warrior (Barbarian, Destroyer, Gladiator, Moonlord), Archer (Artillery, Sniper, Tempest, Windwalker), and Sorceress (Elestra, Saleana, Majesty, Smasher) are also going to be released.
  • New dungeons and the storyline continuation are going to be released.

Fall 2016 Updates:

  • A brand new class is slated to be released by fall.
  • Skill awakening for Academic (Adept, Gear Master, Physician, Shooting Star) and Cleric (Crusader, Guardian, Inquisitor, Saint) are planned to be released.
  • New guild updates, including guild housing and guild nest.

Future Adjustments:

  • Skill awakening for the rest of the classes, including Assassin (Abyss Walker, Light Fury, Raven, Ripper), Lancea (Sting Breezer, Flurry), Kali (Blade Dancer, Dark Summoner, Soul Eater, Spirit Dancer), and Machina (Defensio, Ruina) are planned to be released six months after the level cap change.
  • No skill awakening are planned to be released for Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter.
  • Ice Dragon Nest Normal is planned to be nerfed further.
  • There is currently a problem with the IDN L weapons compatibility that they are planning to fix soon.
  • Storage function bug fixes are underway, including the farm storage.
  • Defensio is going to be converted into a DPS class. Potential revamp for Acrobat is giving developers a headache.
  • Complete PvP and ladder system revamp is planned before the year ends.

These updates may or may not fall into their respective schedules, but these were discussed in the conference that invited a few people in Korea. The developers have promised that they will not give up on the servers just yet. You can watch the live stream in this link. You may see footage of the awakening skills (skip to 8:00 mark).


This Is Game
Dragon Nest North America, LEJAC11 for the translations

Blog Inactivity

The blog is currently inactive and will not post any guides, updates, and other articles until further notice. All guides present here are potentially outdated, so please be careful in reading them. This does not mean that the guild is inactive, though, and as a matter of fact, it is definitely way more active than before. You may still contact us through the application form in the site, through our guild thread in the Cherry Credits forum, or personally in Saint Haven Channel 10. We usually stay near the trading house. You may also contact the officers.

The class spotlight will unfortunately end here, as well. I know I have been getting a few requests for other classes, but I just couldn’t find the commitment and time to continue it. I hope you enjoyed the articles I made for the Artillery, Majesty, Moonlord, Saint, and Spirit Dancer. Maybe at some point, if time favors it, I’ll be able to complete them slowly.

Year-In-Review 2014

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 75,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it.

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[LCE 2.0] Island of Riddles Guide

Lagendia Continent Exploration 2.0 is finally here and you can start your adventures with Loffy today! There are a few changes in the stages available in this season, and one of them is particularly going to catch you off-guard (unless you have hax luck or prior knowledge to it). This is the Island of Riddles stage.

The whole gist of this stage is to correctly choose the monster:

  • Round 1: Choose the goblin with the sword and not wearing a mask or shield.


  • Round 2: Choose the goblin stinger holding a dagger and no burn status.


  • Round 3: Choose the orc using a spiky mace and hexagon-shaped shield.


  • Round 4: Choose the lieutenant using a mace and oval-shaped shield (full armor).


  • Round 5: Choose the orc commander using a white skull mace and half-oval-shaped shield.


Make sure that you are ready to face this stage the next time you see it. Lots of keys are at stake here after all. That is all and I hope this helped you. Continue exploring and set sail!

Credits to DragonIrhan and Miyouri from the Cherry Credits Forum.

Lagendia Continent Exploration 2.0 Guide


(Click on the image to go to the official guide.)

Linking the guide that was made for the first release of Lagendia Continent Exploration. Will update the changes (if there are any) on this second season of LCE as soon as the servers are up. Get your adventures with good old Loffy and earn great rewards today!

[November] Missed, New Class Spotlights & More Guides

I know I didn’t get to post everything for the month of October (I didn’t have enough time to do it), so I’ll be moving them here again for November! Instead of having four class spotlights per month, I’m going to push it to six this time because I missed the two classes that were scheduled for last month.

Class Spotlight:

  • Gear Master
  • Destroyer
  • Tempest
  • Crusader
  • Elestra
  • Raven

Continued and Linked Guides:

  • Guardian Nest
  • Mist Nest
  • Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest
  • Heskadi’s PvE Elestra Skill Build
  • Dianamere’s PvE Artillery Skill Build

I might have missed a few but you can just check it here if I, or the other members, have posted or not. That is all and I hope you enjoy some more Perfect Guild content in the future.

[70, PvE] Jrylle’s Destroyer Skill Build

Hello, it’s me Deoxeus! I want to share Jrylle’s skill build for those who wants to make a Destroyer someday. I really enjoy playing this class because of its tanky-ness. Don’t expect them to dish out large damage since it’s not their role (ironic since they are called Destroyer for what ever reason). But don’t worry, Destroyer’s have their essential howls and they are the only class in the Warrior side who can heal themselves.

I’ll be sharing my raid-oriented build since I only use my Destroyer for BDN Runs. You will also notice I took some skills that are for PvP because I also use him for my time-to-time PvP visits. I only do 1v1 Soft Ban PvP.

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