Perfect Guild Rules Update

These are the active rules of the guild for 2016 as discussed, deliberated, and approved by [GM] Nate and the Vice Guild Masters. The rules are applied until a new set of rules has been updated.



Dragon Nest SEA Level 93 Cap Gold Farming Guide

Update: The game is currently undergoing massive deflation of in the Trading House. Although some of the items here are still virtually alright to sell in bulk, there are some that have depreciated in value. There are also new items added into the game that are of high value (premium labyss, shiny jewelry fragment, hardened labyss, etc.), but I will not be updating the guide for it any time soon due to the unstable economy of the game as consequence of DNSEA’s new content and in-game events (anniversary).

In Dragon Nest SEA, the in-game currency is everything. A lot of things may have changed in the game, but this fact remains the same and will be until the final days of Lagendia. There are a number of ways to get by in the game without spending real-life money yet, but you need to dedicate an ample amount of time in order to pull this off. Especially after the server hit inflation in the previous level cap, there is no denying that every bit of time you put into the game should be worth it.

I. On Leveling and Equipment Farming

Most gold-generating content are only accessible once you hit level 90 and above, so by all means max your character right away. EXP-wise, the curve has been made considerably bearable for new players, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  • Leveling to 93 (Red Waste in master mode) will give you access to level 90 jades, accessories, enhancement heraldry, and talisman. Keep the ones that your class needs.


  • Take the superior alteums and alliance gifts.
  • The rare-grade equipment (blue) is definitely an alternative if you don’t have anything to begin with.

It’s not really a requirement, but it will make things a little bit easier for you if you join a guild that is willing to help you get a head start. There are guilds who would bring new players to nests for their equipment needs.

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Dragon Nest 2016 Future Content Conference: New Level Cap, New Class, Skill Awakening, Guild Updates, & More

Dragon Nest Korea held a conference last April 22nd to give us a rundown on their upcoming content. These changes are all planned to be released this year. Despite rumors circulating about Dragon Nest shutting down by 2017, the developers have no plans on closing down the game any time soon.

May 2016 Updates:

  • A new level cap is planned to be released on May 4th. 
  • All skill awakening of Warrior (Barbarian, Destroyer, Gladiator, Moonlord), Archer (Artillery, Sniper, Tempest, Windwalker), and Sorceress (Elestra, Saleana, Majesty, Smasher) are also going to be released.
  • New dungeons and the storyline continuation are going to be released.

Fall 2016 Updates:

  • A brand new class is slated to be released by fall.
  • Skill awakening for Academic (Adept, Gear Master, Physician, Shooting Star) and Cleric (Crusader, Guardian, Inquisitor, Saint) are planned to be released.
  • New guild updates, including guild housing and guild nest.

Future Adjustments:

  • Skill awakening for the rest of the classes, including Assassin (Abyss Walker, Light Fury, Raven, Ripper), Lancea (Sting Breezer, Flurry), Kali (Blade Dancer, Dark Summoner, Soul Eater, Spirit Dancer), and Machina (Defensio, Ruina) are planned to be released six months after the level cap change.
  • No skill awakening are planned to be released for Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter.
  • Ice Dragon Nest Normal is planned to be nerfed further.
  • There is currently a problem with the IDN L weapons compatibility that they are planning to fix soon.
  • Storage function bug fixes are underway, including the farm storage.
  • Defensio is going to be converted into a DPS class. Potential revamp for Acrobat is giving developers a headache.
  • Complete PvP and ladder system revamp is planned before the year ends.

These updates may or may not fall into their respective schedules, but these were discussed in the conference that invited a few people in Korea. The developers have promised that they will not give up on the servers just yet. You can watch the live stream in this link. You may see footage of the awakening skills (skip to 8:00 mark).


This Is Game
Dragon Nest North America, LEJAC11 for the translations

[November] Missed, New Class Spotlights & More Guides

I know I didn’t get to post everything for the month of October (I didn’t have enough time to do it), so I’ll be moving them here again for November! Instead of having four class spotlights per month, I’m going to push it to six this time because I missed the two classes that were scheduled for last month.

Class Spotlight:

  • Gear Master
  • Destroyer
  • Tempest
  • Crusader
  • Elestra
  • Raven

Continued and Linked Guides:

  • Guardian Nest
  • Mist Nest
  • Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest
  • Heskadi’s PvE Elestra Skill Build
  • Dianamere’s PvE Artillery Skill Build

I might have missed a few but you can just check it here if I, or the other members, have posted or not. That is all and I hope you enjoy some more Perfect Guild content in the future.

New Class Spotlight Section

Class Features1

(Click the image to go to the page!)

I have compiled all the class spotlights (and slowly updated them to go with the recent class revamps) in one section. You can find it through Game Guide > General in the tabs above. All the upcoming class spotlights (Destroyer, Spirit Dancer, Light Fury, Gear Master) will all be posted in there, as well, so be sure to watch out the blog while the two-day maintenance is going on.

[October] Blog Inactivity, Returning Features

As most of you have noticed, the blog has winnowed down over the past few months. This is due to the absence of major guild announcements, events, and contribution from the members. In the coming weeks, I will be returning some of the things I used to do. New and existing written and video guides for nests, level cap skill builds, and other miscellaneous stuff will be posted and linked for everyone in the guild to read, as well as the weekly class spotlight after getting some requests to bring it back.

For the month of October, expect these things to show up!

Class Spotlight 

  • Spirit Dancer
  • Gear Master
  • Light Fury
  • Destroyer


  • Saleana (Freyara) skill build and insights
  • Inquisitor (Istanu) skill build and insights
  • Elestra (Heskadi) skill build and insights
  • Black Dragon Nest Guide
  • Guardian Nest Guide
  • Mist Nest Guide
  • Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest Guide

And some more stuff from the members! Be sure the check them out only here in the blog.

Dragon Nest SEA Assassin Class Release


Just a small update for everyone in Dragon Nest SEA, but the upcoming Assassin class will be released this March 2014! Addison Kang himself changed his Facebook cover photo and updated his status to, “I’m excited -smiley-” on the same night. Details on the other updates with the patch is yet to be released, but we’ll be seeing more of that this month.

Assassin was released in Dragon Nest Korea in conjunction with the Return of the King patch, or more popularly known as the Level 70 Cap, which introduced various updates in the equipment building, new EX and passive skills, and the class. In June of last year, its two specializations were released separately, the first one being Chaser specializing into Ripper and Raven followed by the Bringer specializing to Light Fury and Abyss Walker several months after its prior release. The class is a physical, elemental-based class (light, dark, and fire) and both paths heavily focuses on either DPS or support role. It has gained popularity in the senior servers such as Dragon Nest China and Japanbut its fate here in Dragon Nest SEA is yet to be seen!

Which class are you going for?