Dragon Nest 2017 Future Content Information: New Level Cap, New Equipment System, New Kali Spinoff Class, New Skills (Class Mastery III), & More

Some information were datamined from the different Dragon Nest clients and are teasing on upcoming content coming this year. Please do take that note these are all not final and are subject to changes before release. Some of these information may or may not even reach the final timeline of content for Dragon Nest this year.

I. Upcoming Content

New Level Cap: 95


The new level cap is going to be 95. It will introduce a batch of new dungeons, nests, and skills for all the classes currently in-game. This has been confirmed from several clients.

Class Mastery III

In addition to the two existing Class Mastery, there will be a third one that will incorporate skills that are not used frequently from the primary class skill tree (Heavy Slash, Charge Bolt, Impact Wave, etc.) to connect with a certain skill in the secondary and tertiary skill trees. Skill previews have already been uploaded for some of the classes. Note that these skills are not applied in PvP.

 Some other information on these skills have been translated and datamined in the sources below.

Kali Spinoff: Oracle (Elder Oracle)

The next class to receive a spinoff is the Kali. This class is in the same line as the ones released before such as Dark Avenger (Warrior), Silver Hunter (Archer), Arch Heretic (Cleric), Black Mara (Sorceress), and Ray Mechanic (Academic). Read the rest of this entry »


Returning Blog Feature


And because the classes are slowly being awakened, there is a returning feature to the blog that I truly enjoyed doing back then. Can you all guess what it is?