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Perfect Guild extends its congratulations to [GM] Tinx (Siegurth), the seventh Guild Master. The Guild Office will continue to work in improving the general guild experience of the guild members. Fostering fun and friendships first, the guild will continue to strive for greatness.


Dragon Nest 2017 Future Content Information: New Level Cap, New Equipment System, New Kali Spinoff Class, New Skills (Class Mastery III), & More

Some information were datamined from the different Dragon Nest clients and are teasing on upcoming content coming this year. Please do take that note these are all not final and are subject to changes before release. Some of these information may or may not even reach the final timeline of content for Dragon Nest this year.

I. Upcoming Content

New Level Cap: 95


The new level cap is going to be 95. It will introduce a batch of new dungeons, nests, and skills for all the classes currently in-game. This has been confirmed from several clients.

Class Mastery III

In addition to the two existing Class Mastery, there will be a third one that will incorporate skills that are not used frequently from the primary class skill tree (Heavy Slash, Charge Bolt, Impact Wave, etc.) to connect with a certain skill in the secondary and tertiary skill trees. Skill previews have already been uploaded for some of the classes. Note that these skills are not applied in PvP.

 Some other information on these skills have been translated and datamined in the sources below.

Kali Spinoff: Oracle (Elder Oracle)

The next class to receive a spinoff is the Kali. This class is in the same line as the ones released before such as Dark Avenger (Warrior), Silver Hunter (Archer), Arch Heretic (Cleric), Black Mara (Sorceress), and Ray Mechanic (Academic). Read the rest of this entry »

Returning Blog Feature


And because the classes are slowly being awakened, there is a returning feature to the blog that I truly enjoyed doing back then. Can you all guess what it is?

Dragon Nest 2016 Future Content Conference: New Level Cap, New Class, Skill Awakening, Guild Updates, & More

Dragon Nest Korea held a conference last April 22nd to give us a rundown on their upcoming content. These changes are all planned to be released this year. Despite rumors circulating about Dragon Nest shutting down by 2017, the developers have no plans on closing down the game any time soon.

May 2016 Updates:

  • A new level cap is planned to be released on May 4th. 
  • All skill awakening of Warrior (Barbarian, Destroyer, Gladiator, Moonlord), Archer (Artillery, Sniper, Tempest, Windwalker), and Sorceress (Elestra, Saleana, Majesty, Smasher) are also going to be released.
  • New dungeons and the storyline continuation are going to be released.

Fall 2016 Updates:

  • A brand new class is slated to be released by fall.
  • Skill awakening for Academic (Adept, Gear Master, Physician, Shooting Star) and Cleric (Crusader, Guardian, Inquisitor, Saint) are planned to be released.
  • New guild updates, including guild housing and guild nest.

Future Adjustments:

  • Skill awakening for the rest of the classes, including Assassin (Abyss Walker, Light Fury, Raven, Ripper), Lancea (Sting Breezer, Flurry), Kali (Blade Dancer, Dark Summoner, Soul Eater, Spirit Dancer), and Machina (Defensio, Ruina) are planned to be released six months after the level cap change.
  • No skill awakening are planned to be released for Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter.
  • Ice Dragon Nest Normal is planned to be nerfed further.
  • There is currently a problem with the IDN L weapons compatibility that they are planning to fix soon.
  • Storage function bug fixes are underway, including the farm storage.
  • Defensio is going to be converted into a DPS class. Potential revamp for Acrobat is giving developers a headache.
  • Complete PvP and ladder system revamp is planned before the year ends.

These updates may or may not fall into their respective schedules, but these were discussed in the conference that invited a few people in Korea. The developers have promised that they will not give up on the servers just yet. You can watch the live stream in this link. You may see footage of the awakening skills (skip to 8:00 mark).


This Is Game
Dragon Nest North America, LEJAC11 for the translations

Blog Inactivity

The blog is currently inactive and will not post any guides, updates, and other articles until further notice. All guides present here are potentially outdated, so please be careful in reading them. This does not mean that the guild is inactive, though, and as a matter of fact, it is definitely way more active than before. You may still contact us through the application form in the site, through our guild thread in the Cherry Credits forum, or personally in Saint Haven Channel 10. We usually stay near the trading house. You may also contact the officers.

The class spotlight will unfortunately end here, as well. I know I have been getting a few requests for other classes, but I just couldn’t find the commitment and time to continue it. I hope you enjoyed the articles I made for the Artillery, Majesty, Moonlord, Saint, and Spirit Dancer. Maybe at some point, if time favors it, I’ll be able to complete them slowly.

Guild Rule Changes

The Perfect 2014 General Assembly has just been concluded, and all concerns that you raised in the previous year have been thoroughly discussed for some major rule adjustments. We hope that the guild continues to uphold its mission, creating a sound home for all adventurers out there. Here are the rules that have been finalized.



[Archive] Level 60 Class Guides, Skill Builds

In the coming weeks, all class skill builds and guides in the blog will be archived and separated to give way to skill builds for level 70. This will reduce confusion to those who use these guides here as reference, and in preparation for all the class balancing and revamps that have been implemented in the senior servers. All builds post-release of the D-day: Rise of Heroes patch in Dragon Nest SEA will be observing level 70 class mechanics strictly. No skill builds below the current level cap will be posted.

Have a nice day!