Perfect New Guild Master


Perfect Guild extends its congratulations to [GM] Tinx (Siegurth), the seventh Guild Master. The Guild Office will continue to work in improving the general guild experience of the guild members. Fostering fun and friendships first, the guild will continue to strive for greatness.


Senior Guild Member Elections III


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This is the third Senior Guild Member elections. All members of the guild are encouraged to take part in this event. This is a brand new step for the guild revamp, so everyone can participate to effect change on step at a time.

The Senior Guild Member (SGM) is the high line of authority in the guild. The position is selected from the current list of members. SGM is a fully-dependent body to all the active members of the guild. SGM is not part of the ruling and decision body of the guild. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I allowed to vote?

If you are a member of the guild, then you are automatically eligible for this event. We highly appreciate everyone who will take part in the elections.

Can I vote multiple times?

You are not allowed to vote multiple times. The polling system will filter out votes according to its specialized system to avoid double, multiple, and invalid votes.

Do I have to vote for eight (8) Senior Guild Members? What if I only have two (2) in mind?

The minimum number of Senior Guild Member you can vote for is one (1). The maximum is eight (8). You can vote for only two (2), three (3), or four (4) depending on your choice.

I don’t know any of the nominees. Can I skip the voting process?

You can choose to abstain from voting by selecting the option if you are not voting for anyone.

Perfect Guild Rules Update

These are the active rules of the guild for 2016 as discussed, deliberated, and approved by [GM] Nate and the Vice Guild Masters. The rules are applied until a new set of rules has been updated.


Revisiting: Guild Masters of Perfect


Looking back to the five years of the guild’s existence in Dragon Nest, we witnessed unforgettable moments and contributions that the previous Guild Masters have done to Perfect. We have had our fair share of the happiest and brightest ups, as well as horrible downs in the darkest moments unimaginable, and all of these have led us to this day. The guild is only so-called by name, but the imperfections molded the bonds of people to reach this point in time of a game that we all have fallen in and out of love with.

In trust and friendship, we rise!

During the open beta of Dragon Nest SEA in 2011, the guild was formed by [GM] Spring in the hopes of giving a small space to the new friendships made during the period. The guild was meant to welcome players from all over the world, welcoming people from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and the like. It has since then earned the title of an international guild, with the guild master himself coming from SEA (Malaysia), and his most trusted members coming from international grounds.

After deciding to let go of the game, [GM] Spring passed the leadership to [GM] Jay. As the longest-serving guild master and coming from EU (UK) himself, the international title of the guild was expanded further, formally opening the doors of the guild to the public. Slowly growing in number until the level 40 cap, the guild activity has fundamentally increased, reaching the increased max level for guilds during level 60 cap. This pushed the implementation of guild guidelines and rules through the help of the active Vice Guild Masters and Senior Guild Members, now collectively called as officers. The officers have the power to implement changes to the guild rules and its members upon discussion and approval. The members are required to follow to maintain the order in the guild. [GM] Jay entrusted the watch to the active officers of the guild, and upon the guild’s request for him to step down from the position due to his irregular inactivity and absence, he pushed the guild into its darkest days yet and performed an unauthorized disbandment.

Perfect was in a state of rebuilding and healing during the level 70 cap. [VGM] Wavey created a new guild under the same name, and former members were able to slowly transfer back into the guild. The Vice Guild Masters formally decided on the third guild master through an election. [GM] Pepe led the guild’s reconstruction with the help of the officers and the members. In these moments of need, the guild found an ally through Heavens, led by [GM] Q, and formally forged an alliance for whatever purpose it served. It was a successful time for the guild to return to its former glow, all because of the combined efforts of the members. The guild reached the increased max level before the level cap ended.

After the guild reconstruction, the third guild master decided to step down from the position and passed the leadership to two of his most trusted people in the guild. It was the first time for the guild to have two guild masters at once. [GM] Tsuki and [GM] Canna led the guild during the level 80 cap. The guild continued on to do what it was meant to do; provide a welcoming and safe place for players in-game. It may have not been the brightest year for the guild, but it kept serving its purpose. By the end of the level cap, the guild master duo formally stepped down from the position in order to revitalize the guild, and they decided to pass it on to the sixth guild master.

For half of the level 80 cap and half of the level 90 cap, [GM] Marty led the guild in its safest times. It may have inevitable challenges along the way, but the guild continued on to serve its purpose as an international guild. The same cycle of problems came, and it was a time that called for the unity and involvement of the members in the guild matters. Due to personal duties, the guild abruptly changed leadership and a major overhaul in the guild rules was made as a last resort to save the guild from pulling the plug.

[GM] Nate was decided to lead the guild for the remainder of the level cap. It was also the time when the guild was transformed back into its open beta state. The guild was made more open to the public. Leniency and freedom in the guild was adjusted to make the guild less demanding to the pressures of PvE and PvP, and even time itself, and bore fruit to what we are today. Currently, the seventh guild master is leading the guild in the level 93 cap with the purpose of the guild still holding firm until the final days of the game.

Perfect celebrates its fifth year of creation this month.