Dragon Nest SEA Level 93 Cap Gold Farming Guide

Update: The game is currently undergoing massive deflation of in the Trading House. Although some of the items here are still virtually alright to sell in bulk, there are some that have depreciated in value. There are also new items added into the game that are of high value (premium labyss, shiny jewelry fragment, hardened labyss, etc.), but I will not be updating the guide for it any time soon due to the unstable economy of the game as consequence of DNSEA’s new content and in-game events (anniversary).

In Dragon Nest SEA, the in-game currency is everything. A lot of things may have changed in the game, but this fact remains the same and will be until the final days of Lagendia. There are a number of ways to get by in the game without spending real-life money yet, but you need to dedicate an ample amount of time in order to pull this off. Especially after the server hit inflation in the previous level cap, there is no denying that every bit of time you put into the game should be worth it.

I. On Leveling and Equipment Farming

Most gold-generating content are only accessible once you hit level 90 and above, so by all means max your character right away. EXP-wise, the curve has been made considerably bearable for new players, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  • Leveling to 93 (Red Waste in master mode) will give you access to level 90 jades, accessories, enhancement heraldry, and talisman. Keep the ones that your class needs.


  • Take the superior alteums and alliance gifts.
  • The rare-grade equipment (blue) is definitely an alternative if you don’t have anything to begin with.

It’s not really a requirement, but it will make things a little bit easier for you if you join a guild that is willing to help you get a head start. There are guilds who would bring new players to nests for their equipment needs.

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[LCE 2.0] Island of Riddles Guide

Lagendia Continent Exploration 2.0 is finally here and you can start your adventures with Loffy today! There are a few changes in the stages available in this season, and one of them is particularly going to catch you off-guard (unless you have hax luck or prior knowledge to it). This is the Island of Riddles stage.

The whole gist of this stage is to correctly choose the monster:

  • Round 1: Choose the goblin with the sword and not wearing a mask or shield.


  • Round 2: Choose the goblin stinger holding a dagger and no burn status.


  • Round 3: Choose the orc using a spiky mace and hexagon-shaped shield.


  • Round 4: Choose the lieutenant using a mace and oval-shaped shield (full armor).


  • Round 5: Choose the orc commander using a white skull mace and half-oval-shaped shield.


Make sure that you are ready to face this stage the next time you see it. Lots of keys are at stake here after all. That is all and I hope this helped you. Continue exploring and set sail!

Credits to DragonIrhan and Miyouri from the Cherry Credits Forum.

Lagendia Continent Exploration 2.0 Guide


(Click on the image to go to the official guide.)

Linking the guide that was made for the first release of Lagendia Continent Exploration. Will update the changes (if there are any) on this second season of LCE as soon as the servers are up. Get your adventures with good old Loffy and earn great rewards today!

Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Gold Farming Guide

"Let's cut down to the chase, shall we?"

“Let’s cut down to the chase, shall we?”

Get to level 70, of course.

Need I say more? All of those money-earning things-to-do (yes, in-game chores) can all be accessed when you reach the cap level, so make this your top priority. There are lots of options on how to reach cap level fast, but that also means that you’ll be rushing everything and drain all your real life time for the game, which is not good at all. The FTG consumption is very, very high at this point of the game, so grinding will be a pain. Some tips I could give you are:

  • Cherish your FTG while it’s there. Try to look for grinding parties in crowded channels and do grinding daily quests from Merlin with them. This way, you don’t empty it faster than a speeding truck and hit you while you sulk in the corner saying, “WHY AM I DOING THIS?!?!”
  • Make a schedule, especially if you are the Kirito-kun type. It’s not healthy to go zombie grindfest until you drop, so decide on how much EXP you’ll be going for today. Some would opt for one level per day, some 50% EXP, and some just enough until their DQs are done and their FTGs run dry.
  • Pick all the flawless jewels, be it diamond, alteum, (and seriously) agate. The last one is a gold mine, trust me.
  • Do not forget to get those alliance gifts. They’ll come in handy soon.

If you have an ungeared character that you want to level, you can go to the Rental Store from Dishonest Merchant Pero and rent +10 60A (epic) equipment using your goddess teardrops. You have to provide your jades, though, but 60B (rare) ones should be enough for faster dungeon clearing.

Level 70 Epic Rental Equipment, HURRAY!

As I was saying earlier, you can rent equipment from Merchant Pero with your teardrops for one whole week. They are all +8 70A equipment, and you’ll have to provide your jades, as well. If you don’t have anything to get a permanent set, this is your best option. 

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Dragon Nest Level 70 Skill Jades

Offensive Type
All effects are triggered upon successful attack. Effect duration is 10 seconds, and CD is 60 seconds. PvP effect has the same duration (10 seconds) and CD (60 seconds) as PvE. The attack increase is 10% of the PvE effect and the debuff, buff is half of the PvE effect.

PvE Please do take note that the localization of these jades will be different in Dragon Nest SEA.

  • Raider Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s physical defense by 7%
  • Marion Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s magic defense by 7%
  • Welton Hallow Jade: Attack increased by 2, 104, decrease target’s fire elemental resist by 5%
  • Pirate Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s ice elemental resist 5%
  • Ghost Village Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s dark elemental resist by 5%
  • Nova Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s light elemental resist by 5%
  • Collaborator Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s critical resist by 7%
  • Slow Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, decrease target’s speed by 10%
  • Crocodile Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, target’s superarmoar defence is reduced
  • Strike Jade: Attack increased by 2,104, target’s superarmor attack is reduced
  • Golden Goose Jade: Attack increased by 2,104,decrease  target’s critical rate by 10%

Defensive Type
All effects are triggered when being attacked. Effect duration is 5 seconds, and CD is 30 secondsPvP effect has the same duration (5 seconds) and CD (30 seconds) as PvE. The HP recovery is changed to MP recovery 143 and the buff is half of the PvE effect unless otherwise stated


  • Cure Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, recovery amount of healing skill increased by 20%
  • Glacier Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, ice elemental resist increased by 10%
  • Dawn Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, dark, light elemental resist increased by 10%
  • Guardian Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, physical defense increased by 20%
  • Unison Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, magic defense increased by 20%.
  • Agility Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, movement speed increased by 10%
  • Steel Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, superarmor defense increases slightly
  • Dragon Slayer Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, all elemental defense increased by 7%
  • Faith Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, paralyze resist increased by 15% (PvP is 10%)
  • Oath Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, critical resist increased by 15% (PvP is 10%)
  • Resistor Jade: Recover 3,588 HP, physical & magic defense increased by 10%



Hakukei’s Bringer Skill Information

Hello my fellow, guildmates! Haku here with some skill information on the upcoming Assassin class, Bringer. Now as you know the Bringer is built like the Priest, one side focusing almost purely on support and the other side focusing purely on offense. INCOMING WALL OF TEXT COMMENCE!

Bringer, the second specialization of the Assassin class.

Bringer, the second specialization of the Assassin class.

  • The upper middle is the shared skill tree, and are more or less not really important skills. These skills from top left to right are: Spectral Gaze, Bless of Anja, Chakra Cure, Illusion of Chakra, Chakra Punch and Summon Shadow. The only good skills to max here are Bless of Anja (summons the bear to buff one player every 5 sec with +14%light and +28%dark), and Summon Shadow (summons two clones that can cast the same skills as you for 10 sec). The other attack skill, Spectral Gaze is not a good skill in PvE because of low damage and small AoE, however it summons pillars that can be used to block projectiles. I decided not to get it.
  • Illusion Chakra and Chakra Punch actually used to be the same skill. However, the devs decided to add a separate Chakra Punch. These skills are not really damage skills rather they are made to tag enemies. The tagged enemy then will be the sole target of your summons for 10 seconds. Illusion Chakra also doubles are a movement and dodging skill.
  • Of the other 2 summons in the middle lower part, these are Heal of Anja and Pact of Anja. Only Pact of Anja is worth getting and then only at level 1 because of low damage growth, while Heal of Anja is very weak and only heals the Assassin. The three Anja skills are also permanent summons, you only need to summon them once and they will not disappear unless killed by enemies.  Read the rest of this entry »

Level 70 Cap: Things to Prepare!

The Destruction of Saint Haven is almost upon us, and that most certainly means that adventurers should come prepared in battle. The biggest leap in level cap difficulty is underway, and with all the effort and time given to us in the previous cap, time to set the list straight. What do you need to prepare in the next level cap?


DN 2014-01-31 17-15-09 Fri

Need I say more? Each level cap definitely requires you to have some gold in your pocket to actually do some more stuff, like equipment building, jading, and the like. If you have a stash of gold in your storage, wait until Saint Haven is reborn and go berserk in the Trading House for a headstart. Of course, this does not come easily to everyone. If you are one of those who hasn’t saved up yet, then take your time reaching the level cap, make your FTG count, and loot everything shiny you see. And if everything else fails, keep calm and wait for prices to deflate – for a couple of months, that is.

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