Dragon Nest 2017 Future Content Information: New Level Cap, New Equipment System, New Kali Spinoff Class, New Skills (Class Mastery III), & More

Some information were datamined from the different Dragon Nest clients and are teasing on upcoming content coming this year. Please do take that note these are all not final and are subject to changes before release. Some of these information may or may not even reach the final timeline of content for Dragon Nest this year.

I. Upcoming Content

New Level Cap: 95


The new level cap is going to be 95. It will introduce a batch of new dungeons, nests, and skills for all the classes currently in-game. This has been confirmed from several clients.

Class Mastery III

In addition to the two existing Class Mastery, there will be a third one that will incorporate skills that are not used frequently from the primary class skill tree (Heavy Slash, Charge Bolt, Impact Wave, etc.) to connect with a certain skill in the secondary and tertiary skill trees. Skill previews have already been uploaded for some of the classes. Note that these skills are not applied in PvP.

 Some other information on these skills have been translated and datamined in the sources below.

Kali Spinoff: Oracle (Elder Oracle)

The next class to receive a spinoff is the Kali. This class is in the same line as the ones released before such as Dark Avenger (Warrior), Silver Hunter (Archer), Arch Heretic (Cleric), Black Mara (Sorceress), and Ray Mechanic (Academic). Not much information have been revealed for the class except its transformation appearance and name. It will be called Oracle and can specialize further into Elder Oracle.

Equipment System Changes

There will be changes to the way equipment enhancement in the game is done, particularly through a PvE method reaching to +20 enhancement. Whether these changes are final or not, it has been translated with these information:

  • The equipment is enhanced through PvE content. The developers are making use more of the Daily Quests and Missions.
  • It can be upgraded from one grade (rare, epic, unique) to another.
  • Items can now be enhanced to +20 instead of +15.

The developers are aiming to implement a system that counts in player effort and save investment on their equipment. It has been their ultimate goal to reduce the power creep from one level cap to another, and the new enhancement system is aimed to that objective.

Slayer Mode

A new content was discussed in the Japanese conference called Slayer Mode. It drops two items:

  • Slayer Armor (Legend)
  • Enhancement Hammer


The armor is in legend-grade that upgrades to certain skills. It is restricted to the secondary job advancement (Gladiator, Windwalker, Inquisitor, Saleana, etc.). Only two parts can be used at one time. Some example of skills that can be upgraded by the armor are Line Drive, Hyper Drive, and Hacking Stance from the Gladiator class. No information from the other classes have been released yet.

II. Developer Interview

Q: When is Machina Awakening going to be implemented?

A: It is currently under development. It will be implemented early, around the end of the year.

Q: Are there plans to review Machina?

A: There is no plan to review specs, but we will respond through Machina Awakening.

Q: Are there plans to implement new characters?

A: When installing a new character, the problem that the client becomes heavier occurs and the system is under development now. As soon as this problem is solved, we will implement new characters.

Q: Is there any information about new characters?

A: There is a side-story (spinoff) character and Awakened character that are ahead of implementation, so we will consider adding them after the others are done.

Q: What is the leveling assumption after Hero Level is maxed?

A: The development team also recognizes it. The maximum value for Hero Level is expected to increase by five levels as soon as the level cap increases. We are still investigating if whether there are other content to increase the Hero Level efficiently.

Q: Are you planning to expand guild content?

A: Since it is a content only for a limited amount of people, we place great importance to the main content first. However, we would like to respond by implementing past content as guild content.

Q: Are you planning to implement nests for new players?

A: We are thinking whether it can be implemented in a form like Creator Nest or Altenea Nest.

Q: Is it possible to unify exchanges on each server?

A: Although it is technically possible, there is a high possibility that problems arise because there is a market price for each server. So far, we have not thought about it. We are considering whether avatars and others entering into an extra inventory can be traded via another system instead of exchanges.

Q: Do you plan to implement a new dragon along with the new level cap?

A: The implementation schedule shifted because of the DNC World Tournament this year. Next implementation of a new dragon will be around February to March next year.

Q: What about the store for players mainly doing PvP?

A: Even the development team recognizes that users who only do PvP have a hard time getting in-game items. In the future, users who only play PvP will receive improvements so that items can be acquired.


Class Mastery III datamined information

Google Document compiled by StefSan

Video for Class Mastery III

Video for Kali Spinoff


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  1. jun garcia says:

    is LEGEND Slayer set is Server Transferable?

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    I dont care . when is guardian bug fixed ??

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