Dragon Nest SEA Level 93 Cap Gold Farming Guide

Update: The game is currently undergoing massive deflation of in the Trading House. Although some of the items here are still virtually alright to sell in bulk, there are some that have depreciated in value. There are also new items added into the game that are of high value (premium labyss, shiny jewelry fragment, hardened labyss, etc.), but I will not be updating the guide for it any time soon due to the unstable economy of the game as consequence of DNSEA’s new content and in-game events (anniversary).

In Dragon Nest SEA, the in-game currency is everything. A lot of things may have changed in the game, but this fact remains the same and will be until the final days of Lagendia. There are a number of ways to get by in the game without spending real-life money yet, but you need to dedicate an ample amount of time in order to pull this off. Especially after the server hit inflation in the previous level cap, there is no denying that every bit of time you put into the game should be worth it.

I. On Leveling and Equipment Farming

Most gold-generating content are only accessible once you hit level 90 and above, so by all means max your character right away. EXP-wise, the curve has been made considerably bearable for new players, so this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  • Leveling to 93 (Red Waste in master mode) will give you access to level 90 jades, accessories, enhancement heraldry, and talisman. Keep the ones that your class needs.


  • Take the superior alteums and alliance gifts.
  • The rare-grade equipment (blue) is definitely an alternative if you don’t have anything to begin with.

It’s not really a requirement, but it will make things a little bit easier for you if you join a guild that is willing to help you get a head start. There are guilds who would bring new players to nests for their equipment needs.


Some of the content are equipment-dependent, which means that those who are more powerful have a general advantage. Don’t stress out if you’re a new player. Work your way slowly and invest time on your equipment first. They can all be farmed from dungeons and nests, and they are probably okay. As mentioned above, by simply leveling your character to 93, these equipment are dropped easily. 

II. Gold-Generating Tradables and Content


Labyss is an exceptionally expensive crafting material at this point thanks to the surplus of jades. It is used to enhance level 90 and 93 jades, and with its limited (not too limited) source, it sells quite highly in the trading house. You can get labyss from the following content:


1. Distorted Zone, accessible through the Merca’s Heart, is a special dungeon that drops other items such as superior alteums, seal stamps, memory fragments, and the like. It is recommended for soloing to maximize the loots. If undergeared, look for a partner and decide to split the loots.

2. Daidalos Nest, both in normal and in hardcore mode, tags labyss items per player. You will get at least one (could be more from the chest selection). It is a nest, so it is recommended for party play.


Garnet is the main jewel of level 93 cap. It is an integral part of this level cap for its uses on enhancement heraldry crafting and equipment enhancement, which makes it the least likely to be affected by price fluctuations in the trading house. It is also quite expensive at this point in time, and they can obtained through:


1. Daily Quests (93) go through Rhadames dungeons in abyss mode. The drop rate is a bit low for this here. Chest selection also hands them out.


2. Returned Typhoon Kim Nest, both in normal and in hardcore mode, drops the item by the end of it. It is also tagged per player, so being in a party will not reduce your chances of obtaining one.


3. Disassembling Theano equipment that you do not need will give you the item.

Superior Alteum, Superior Diamond


Although it has deflated considerably after the introduction of a new level cap, superior alteums are still a good source of gold. There are a lot of ways to farm these jewels in bulk amounts, and selling them in the trading house still make a difference.


Superior diamond is still high (more expensive than alteums) in the market due to the continued crafting of evolution hammers and enhancement of epic-grade equipment, and it is still undeniably accessible from dungeons and nests. Although it has a lower drop rate than superior alteums for that matter, every bit of the item counts to your gold-earning activities, and they are dropped in similar places.

  1. Distorted Zone
  2. Rhadames (Master)
  3. Returned Archbishop Nest
  4. Counterattack Manticore Nest
  5. Daidalos Nest

Seal Stamp

Yes, the developers enabled farming of seal stamps from dungeons. Most items in the game can only get into the trading house when sealed, so there is no doubt that the demand for this item is still in its prime. It was made more accessible, so either you use it to seal some items of value to sell or sell it for some additional gold. Stamps play a key role in your gold-earning routine.


1. Daily Quests (93) is one way of farming for the item. Basically, if you want to grind solely for seal stamps, they are dropped from abyss mode in Rhadames dungeons and Distorted Zone.

Brilliant Skill Fragments


These are used to craft skill accessories, which for the most part, is a popular choice of equipment. Characters that are tagged with elemental-conversion jades, or elemental classes in general, hold this item of important value.

  1. Heroes Battlefield drop this item. It can be accessed through the Garden of Time and Space. The feature has compensation on stats. It is quite fun if you are into PvP, but you will be fighting an AI of a renowned hero or NPC in Lagendia in this case. The higher the difficulty, the higher the number of drops.

III. Content Stores: Exchangeable Valuables

There are many stores around Lagendia that offer a bunch of items that you can exchange for. One or more of these items may have been mentioned in the previous section, but let us look at which NPCs and stores have items that is worth exchanging for.

Colosseum Store

This first store benefits PvP players a lot. The Colosseum Store contains a bunch of items that you can exchange for and sell in the trading house. There is a weekly limit for the items here, but having multiple characters doing mission rooms or PvP in general could make use of the hard-earned Goddess Medals. Among the valuables are (arranged in value):


  • Garnet (10/10 weekly limit)
  • Superior Diamond (5/5 weekly limit)
  • Premium Diamond (5/5 weekly limit)
  • Superior Alteum (10/10 weekly limit)
  • Plate Pouch Heraldry (1/1 weekly limit) *You may take your chances in crafting these plates in the hopes of giving second/third stats, but this is highly RNG-based and not recommended.

Active mission room players that earn Goddess Medals will have an advantage in this store. If you have some leverage to do some work against other players, the Colosseum is a place for you.

Wonderful Theme Park Store

The next store is a bit more flexible when it comes to stats requirements as it revolves around the Wonderful Theme Park and its wacky attractions (compensated stats). The store’s main current are called Wonderful Exchange Coupons, and these are farmed by doing the theme park dungeons every week. Similarly to the Colosseum Store, you can purchase various jewels here, as well miscellaneous items that you’d want to collect. The items have level requirements, so getting to max level is high priority.


Nightmare Star Store

Gathering up Nightmare Star every week should get you a few items from the Nightmare Store. Although the dungeon takes a while to limit every week (and disconnection issues are a real nightmare, no pun intended), it is where you get important items that you can slowly work on to either increase your characters equipment potential further or just earn yourself some gold.


IV. The RNG Gods: Taking Chances

This would definitely be the bonus section in the mini guide. All the tips that you’ll find here are basically rooted to your own luck, or the so-called RNG, but it nets you tons of gold should it work in your favor. Some are a bit risky since there will be loss of items, and some are just plain luck that should give you gold right away.

Rhadames Dungeons (Abyss Mode)

Doing your Daily Quest (93) should maximize your time in Rhadames dungeons, but grinding for items such as seal stamps, garnet, and other valuables is also an alternative route. There is one particular item that it drops that is worth a lot of gold that is solely dependent on your luck on selecting the golden chest.


Enhancement Heraldry Crafting

Since there is basically a lot of ways to get your hands on enhancement heraldry (see section III for stores that exchanges them) such as doing Rhadames dungeons in master mode, limiting weekly runs on nests, and other PvE content, third stat heraldry are a good source of gold. Again, this is highly RNG-based, but they are quite popular to sell during the first few months of the new level cap. The risk here is losing your valubale superior alteums (level 90 plate requirement) and garnets (level 93 plate requirement) that are already worth to sell by themselves..


Skill Accessory Crafting

Because brilliant skill fragments can be farmed quite easily from Heroes Battlefield and epic accessories are commonly dropped from Rhadames dungeons and level 90 nests, you can also take your chances in crafting skill accessories. There are stat combinations that are of high value, and if you hit the spot, you can sell them for profit (a bit more than selling the fragments).

Remote Dungeon

This is honestly one of the more forgettable features in-game, but it could give good results just by simply sending off your mercenaries/heroes to a quest that they can complete. It really is just a few clicks from time to time (depending on the time requirement of the quest), so a little bit of diligence can maximize this feature. The waiting game is strong, though.


Trading House

Just a bonus and not completely reliable or even relatable to some. If you get the chance to hangout and stalk the trading house, there will be moments where important cash consumables such as seal stamps, item protection jellies, or magnifying glasses are sold in an abnormally low price. Other PvE materials such as rushed third stat enhancement heraldry also come from time to time. Keep some gold in your inventory in case things like these happen. Don’t ever give in to what Deowen says. Please, do indulge yourself by window shopping.



Author’s Note: I guess this is pretty much most of what I do to earn gold in-game. I will be adding a few more stuff if I know one. Earning gold in Dragon Nest SEA requires either your real-life time or your real-life money. Exploit only one of those depending on the circumstances. Hopefully, this will guide returning and new players to the game. Enjoy DNSEA, everyone!


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  1. ken says:

    you can add farming for Skill Fragments done via Heroes Battlefield weekly

    • Pepe says:

      Thank you for the input. I have added a new field for Brilliant Skill Fragments. I am plagued in that feature that is why I hardly ever do it. Haha!

  2. Syenna says:

    This is an excellent guide! You should link this to the forums 🙂

    • Pepe says:

      Thank you very much! Highly appreciated!

      Someone did post about it already (before I could) asking if it was still an okay guide, so I guess I’ll leave it at that. I kinda don’t wanna double post or anything. Haha!

      • Syenna says:

        Just a suggestion, you should include Fortress of Erosion as one of the ways to get Premium/Superior gems.

  3. Demyx says:

    I’m a returning player. So thanks a lot for this guide. More power. 👍

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    This is really usefull, plus continue to update it or anything to make it even better 😀

  5. Heapgear says:

    Thanks a lot this really helped me
    I’ve earned gold faster than before but after i read this my character have grown very strong thank you very much

  6. Where I Can Find Heroes Battlefield?
    Newbie Here

  7. wildy says:

    what should i start to do after i maxed level to get items?

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