Blog Inactivity

The blog is currently inactive and will not post any guides, updates, and other articles until further notice. All guides present here are potentially outdated, so please be careful in reading them. This does not mean that the guild is inactive, though, and as a matter of fact, it is definitely way more active than before. You may still contact us through the application form in the site, through our guild thread in the Cherry Credits forum, or personally in Saint Haven Channel 10. We usually stay near the trading house. You may also contact the officers.

The class spotlight will unfortunately end here, as well. I know I have been getting a few requests for other classes, but I just couldn’t find the commitment and time to continue it. I hope you enjoyed the articles I made for the Artillery, Majesty, Moonlord, Saint, and Spirit Dancer. Maybe at some point, if time favors it, I’ll be able to complete them slowly.


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