[LCE 2.0] Island of Riddles Guide

Lagendia Continent Exploration 2.0 is finally here and you can start your adventures with Loffy today! There are a few changes in the stages available in this season, and one of them is particularly going to catch you off-guard (unless you have hax luck or prior knowledge to it). This is the Island of Riddles stage.

The whole gist of this stage is to correctly choose the monster:

  • Round 1: Choose the goblin with the sword and not wearing a mask or shield.


  • Round 2: Choose the goblin stinger holding a dagger and no burn status.


  • Round 3: Choose the orc using a spiky mace and hexagon-shaped shield.


  • Round 4: Choose the lieutenant using a mace and oval-shaped shield (full armor).


  • Round 5: Choose the orc commander using a white skull mace and half-oval-shaped shield.


Make sure that you are ready to face this stage the next time you see it. Lots of keys are at stake here after all. That is all and I hope this helped you. Continue exploring and set sail!

Credits to DragonIrhan and Miyouri from the Cherry Credits Forum.


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