Dragon Nest SEA Assassin Class Release


Just a small update for everyone in Dragon Nest SEA, but the upcoming Assassin class will be released this March 2014! Addison Kang himself changed his Facebook cover photo and updated his status to, “I’m excited -smiley-” on the same night. Details on the other updates with the patch is yet to be released, but we’ll be seeing more of that this month.

Assassin was released in Dragon Nest Korea in conjunction with the Return of the King patch, or more popularly known as the Level 70 Cap, which introduced various updates in the equipment building, new EX and passive skills, and the class. In June of last year, its two specializations were released separately, the first one being Chaser specializing into Ripper and Raven followed by the Bringer specializing to Light Fury and Abyss Walker several months after its prior release. The class is a physical, elemental-based class (light, dark, and fire) and both paths heavily focuses on either DPS or support role. It has gained popularity in the senior servers such as Dragon Nest China and Japanbut its fate here in Dragon Nest SEA is yet to be seen!

Which class are you going for?


One Comment on “Dragon Nest SEA Assassin Class Release”

  1. Light Fury.. i love supporting…

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