Dragon Nest Dragon Jade System Guide

With the Return of the King or Destruction of Saint Haven patch knocking on our doorsteps, as what our very own Addison Kang teased on his official Facebook account, we are going to expect a lot of changes coming our way. There is the new Saint Haven after it was ruined by the Black Dragon. There are the changes on dismantling items. Upcoming skill balancing and new passive skills. And of course, the so-called Dragon Jade System. This update has got to be the biggest hurdle to new and blind players. Fret not as this guide will be solely dedicated on the new system, and what will you be expecting from this feat.

I. The New System

It is a new system, but for what, exactly? It’s for our characters’ equipment building. Yes, suffix-potential system is going to be shelved forever and be replaced by this new system. If we use pacultas essences, mutants, powders, crystals to suffix our equipment to our liking and needs, and use agate, crystal, and diamond codes to acquire the potential of our dreams, we use dragon jades for building our stats instead. Yes, that also means that pacultas and codes will be useless once the new system is out and complete. Do take note that equipment with suffix and potential can still make use of the codes and suffix materials (exchanged from the Goddess Breath Store). The new ones will automatically be under the new system.

All equipment that will obtained during the new level cap will be under the new system. You may still use your old equipment that has suffix and potential, of course, but it will be clearly indicated that it is from the old, retired system.

old equipsII. The Jades

Much like codes and pacultas’ materials, dragon jades are also classified into different types and rarity. Basically, each type contributes a different aspect to your equipment building, one for the raw stats that you need, while others for suffix-like effects that triggers once used.

Three important jades for equipment are the red (oval), green (hexagon), and yellow (triangle). The other two shapes are uncommon or unidentified.

Three important jades for equipment are the red (oval), green (hexagon), and yellow (triangle). The other two shapes are uncommon or unidentified.

Red, oval jades increase physical, magical attacks, critical, and elemental attack. The green, hexagonal ones increase STR, INT, AGI, HP, MP. The last yellow, triangular jades are known as skill jades which gives the suffix effect. Jades that increase defense, and magic defense are under skill jades. Each equipment only allows a particular combination of jades, and the slots are very specific. For example, a main weapon will only allow one type of each color to be slotted.

Aside from the types of jades, they are also divided into rarities; epic and rare. Both vary greatly in the amount and combination of stats they give. Epic jades are furthered divided into low, intermediate, and high* grades, and the stats they give also increase accordingly. Rare jades, on the other hand, have been merged into one (no more low, intermediate, and high-grade ones) for convenience.

a. Skill Jades

Skill jades are further divided into two more groups, one for the armor (yellow, defensive type) and the other for the weapons (purple, offensive type). Both give suffix-like effects once triggered, and they can only be slotted to their respective equipment specification. Offensive type jades have 100% trigger rate once the attack lands on the mob, with a duration of 10 seconds and 60 seconds cooldownOn the other hand, defensive type jades increase either the defense, magic defense, elemental resist, and heals a particular amount of HP and MP. These jades have varying duration, cooldown, and effect in PvP and in PvE, but it will be directly indicated in the item description.

b. Elemental Conversion Jades

A newly introduced set of jades are called elemental conversion jades, which directly convert non-elemental attack to the slotted type of jade. They are red, oval-shaped and have no cooldown. There is one for fire, ice, light, and dark, and it automatically grants -30% elemental attack once equipped. These jades can only be obtained from an upcoming event called Defense of Saint Haven, wherein a 16-man party is to slay the Basilisk.

III. Equipment Slots

jade slottingI’m gonna go ahead and cut to the chase. Jades can be switched freely when you’re in town. You can slot another type of jade to your equipment if you feel the need to. You can also transfer one type of jade into another equipment, depending on your choice. Of course, the rules on jade slotting is still followed.

Since epic, unique, and legendary equipment have three slots, a table below shows the number of allowed jades that can be slotted to a particular part, including the accessories.

  • Helm, Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoes, Gloves: Allows 1 yellow, defensive skill jade, and 2 green, hexagonal jades.
  • Main Weapon, Off-hand Weapon: Allows 1 green, hexagonal jades, 1 red, oval jades, and 1 purple, offensive skill jades.
  • Rings: Only allows 1 red, oval jades.
  • Necklace, Earrings: Only allows 1 green, hexagonal jades.

jade slotting2

IV. Obtaining Jades

Generally speaking, jades can be obtained from dungeons and nests, all of which with specific rarities and grades. Using your Cassius Palace Alliance Points, 1460, will also allow you to exchange for epic jades, with a certain weekly limit and number of points. Low and intermediate-grade jades can be attained from dungeon runs in the cap-leveled dungeons. Finishing in abyss mode will give you intermediate-grade jades, while low-grade jades are dropped from non-abyss ones. Rare jades (blue rarity) are dropped from dungeons and chaos opening, while epic jades (orange rarity) are dropped from normal nests and future dungeons of higher difficulty.

a. Jade Crafting

jade crafting

You may notice the * on high grade jades if you read above. That is because the only way to get high-grade, epic jades is to craft them. Recently, the system on crafting was changed that enables us to choose the stats that we want. The only catch left is that the amount of stats it will give is still random, but this is totally good news to everyone who want a specific type of jade (if you want jades that grant more HP, just select the stat to ensure that it will be generated).

jade disassemblingYou will be needing gold, jade fragments, and jade hearts to craft a high-grade, epic jade. The two jade materials can be obtained in-game. The new disassembling system covers a broader change implemented with the 70 cap, and it would need its own guide to completely explain how it works. It was made more convenient to everyone, allowing easier means to acquire crafting materials and the like (also applies to talisman crafting). Basically, once you disassemble extra, unused, or unneeded epic jades that you have, you can obtain jade fragments from it. The other requirement, jade heartscan be exchanged from the Goddess Breath Store in Saint Haven. Localization, names of these in-game items are subject to change once they are implemented in Dragon Nest SEA.

b. PvP Jades

This section will be updated once references have been found and reviewed. Please check back for updates regarding these types of jades and how to obtain them in-game.

The new system in equipment building is a huge leap in our gaming experience. From the era of suffix-potential system which we are accustomed to, the changes can be overwhelming. The economic impact of this implementation is big and to be expected. Gearing up our characters may not be easier as it was before, so all preparations must be made. Experience this new system yourself and reap the fruits of your labor. This is, after all, an answer to the uproar that the game has had in the previous years. Or so what the developers say.

If you see some outdated, inaccurate, and wrong information, please comment below.


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4 Comments on “Dragon Nest Dragon Jade System Guide”

  1. Cloyd Waldo says:

    Thanks for this. It really helps.

  2. verb says:

    i want to know if L grade weapon Still Code needed?

    • perunos says:

      Both DDN L and S-grades will still make use of the suffix-potential system. Yes, your DDN equipment will be making use of the codes. GDN, SDN are now under the jade system, though.

  3. L-cherry says:

    how can i extract the jade from the item where i put it??can it be possible?

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