Dragon Nest 8th Class, New Specializations?

Information on the upcoming class in Dragon Nest has been extracted from the client, which is totally unsurprising judging at how Eyedentity puts in new class details months before its actual release. Following the release of the Assassin and its two specializations, Chaser and Bringer, the upcoming class is going to be another female, wielding a lance. The class is called Asta, which specializes to Piercer, with physical and magical specializations known as Flurry and Sting Breezer, respectively (this is highly susceptible to changes in the coming months). This new class will be released in the Level 80 Cap, together with what seems to be a returning concept that was shelved years ago.

These icons were the supposed ones IF the classes were released.

Quite interesting that there are information on four class specializations extracted from the client again, and they are similar to the ones that were planned by the developers during the early years of the game. AvengerHunterShaman, and Monk have been obtained from the client, and they are the third specializations of the first four classes. Are we finally going to see these classes come to life, or is this a new gig that the devs have been waiting to pull off? Only time can tell! Level 80 Cap in Dragon Nest Korea is just waiting around the corner.


7 Comments on “Dragon Nest 8th Class, New Specializations?”

  1. Joy says:

    i recommend male for the 8th class with long range combat XD

  2. Joy says:

    small kid using armed buster XD

  3. Joy says:

    or dual chain axes XD

  4. Joy says:

    i know its hard to make one, sorry XC

  5. Nonono says:

    Dual Sword more Badass

  6. trevor says:

    how about samurai class like dual katana and long katana for another class please

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