Lagendia Continent Exploration Guide

SET SAIL! A brand new content has been released with the Exploring A New Adventure patch in the form of an uber fun minigame, and rewards are to be given to explorers who have successfully tread with Loffy. Explore Lagendia like never before, in the search for golden keys and treasure chests, with the help of this guide dedicated to everything that you need to know.


minigame UI

A new icon can be found above your hotkey panel that will open the exploration minigame UI. It contains all the basic information you need about the game as a whole, a weekly checklist for more rewards, and ranking boards (one for personal, player-based performance on the number of keys collected, the other for guild accumulated keys). Possible rewards are also listed, as well as the number of possible times you can do the game, which is twice a day. The game will start once you click Enter.

The minigame is simple. Much like the common dice games you are familiar to out there, Lagendia Continent Exploration is not that different. You are given a dice to roll on a board that contains several stages you have to complete. This is a solo dungeon, so you get to enjoy the loots to yourself.

The Board and Stages

DN 2014-01-07 14-05-44 Tue

The board displays the possible stages you need to complete once the ship lands. There is a timer in the middle before the autoroll happens, and you may also abandon the game if you need to. The dice is rolled in the middle, and depending on the number, the stage for that round will be determined. The main goal of the game is collect as many golden keys as possible, and this can only be done if a stage is cleared. Once a stage has been failed, Loffy will appear with a wooden chest containing coins and restorative food for HP and MP.

I. Island of Hidden Spores

II. Island of Fallen Hero

III. Island of Mirror Images

IV. Island of Collapsed City

V. Island of Rhapsody

VI. Island of Hungry Mongrel | Gold Chest Stage

VII. Island of Collapsed Mine

VIII. Island of Missing Treasure Map | Gold Chest Stage

IX. Island of Shadow Images

X. Island of Hidden Impostor 

XI. Island of Raining Bombs

XII. Island of Pitiful Slave | Gold Chest Stage

XIII. Island of Hidden Armory

XIV. Island of Hidden Map Fragments

XV. Island of Hidden Waterfall

XVI. Island of Resilient Hero

XVII. Island of Coffin Guardian

XVIII. Island of Powerful Invaders | Gold Chest Stage

XIX. Island of Foggy Nightmare

XX. Island of Duplicated Mirrors

XXI. Island of Dangerous Tornadoes

XXII. Island of Rampaging Pirates

End Stage: Festive Treasure Warehouse

DN 2014-01-07 14-10-46 Tue

Regular, non-gold chest stages will grant you 1-2 keys regardless of time finished. Gold chest stages, as indicated on their board icons, grant more golden keysIf a stage has been failed, there will be no keys granted. Unlimited resurrections should you die in a dungeon, but keep in mind that the timer will continue. If you got disconnected or abandoned the game, you may enter it again starting from scratch. The final stage, which is the treasury warehouse, contains a final golden key (this is not included in your key count rankings) and a ticket (can be used to exchange for an item from Loffy). There four big treasure chests that require seven keys to open, and tons of small treasure chests that require one key to open. Rewards are listed in the minigame UI before you enter the game.

Ticket Trading!

The dungeon can be accessed once by default. The second ticket can only be granted by your friends. This is where ticket trading comes in. You may ask one of your online friends to send you a ticket, and in turn, you send them back. You need five tickets from friends to access the dungeon for the second time. Tickets will reset with the daily clock, so make it count.


2 Comments on “Lagendia Continent Exploration Guide”

  1. Kirin Sim says:

    Hi, I would like to know which is better, 1 big chest or 7 small chest?

    • Pepe says:

      Well, since it is completely based on RNG, it’s up to you if you feel right opening the big one for a sure Lagendia box (if you are after cash rewards) or the small ones. What I do is that if I get less that 14 keys, I just open all the smaller boxes. If I get past 14, I open two big boxes and the extras for the smaller boxes.

      This got me mixed results (more Lagendia boxes at times, less in other), so follow your heart, man!

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