Qurolix Barbarian PVE & PVP Guide

Hi I’m Qurolix. I have been using barbarian for a very long time, & I’m going to share with you a barbarian guide. I will first talk about PVE, then move on to a longer guide on PVP. Note that for the PVP guide, there are some points that can be applicable to other classes. So it’s worth the read.


1) Skill build

I shall explain why I select this skill build.

For warrior

Warrior pve

Well, almost all the skills that I add are obvious why they are added. In fact, for warrior I have too much sp left that I added 7 sp to a random skill (rising slash). This is to fulfill the requirement of having 45 sp to unlock merc’s skills. I have 4 sp left btw.

For merc

Merc pve

Stomp: Has a low cd, so I max it.

Demolition fist: Didn’t max it cos there is not enough sp. Got it to lvl 11 cos there is a huge dmg jump at lvl 11.

Circle swing, ring bomb: Very high aoe, very high dmg.

Whirlwind, rolling atk: High aoe, super high dmg.

Cyclone axe: Higher aoe than gigantic bomb, so this ulti is preferred.

Crisis howl: It’s gd to have an evasive skill.

Iron skin: Get 100% SA for yourself & go “This is SPATAA!” against the boss.

Howl charging: Get high SA for your pt mates so they can go “This is SPATAA!” together with you.

Battle howl: Isn’t this skill the reason why merc is needed for nests?

Havoc Howl: Gd to max for DDN. The boss there sure hits hard.

Note that there is no sp left for merc. I’m one who believes in getting a skill to a high lvl for a higher boost instead of being jack of all trades.

For Barb

Barb pve

Again it’s obvious why I maxed them.

2) Item build

Item build really depends on how much you can afford. Of course, the best item build will be full GA set with 3rd stat fd heraldries till your reach 100% dmg for fd. But this is very costly & it’s for the super rich people.

A gd item build will be to use 7 pieces dangerous desire set, with bear lyrica accessories, a BH skill ring, dest skill ring, & 3rd stat atk heraldries.

Barb’s role is to dps so get a dps build. The main thing, in decending order of priority, is to get: Crit, atk, hp.

Getting crit through pure crit or agi, until you reach max crit with BH, is always the best dps build. This is because crit gives you double dmg. If you don’t have crit pot, you should get agi to increase your crit. Although agi gives you lesser atk than str, it’s better to sacrifice that bit of atk to get a crit hit on mobs. Then, you can focus on getting pure atk & bear to enhance your atk. Lastly, get some hp.

3) Skill usage in different situations

So you have a variety of skills to choose from. Knowing the right order of skills to use in different situations will make you clear the dungeons/nest most efficiently & in the fastest time possible.

You notice that for my PVE build, I ignore the dmg skills for warriors. This is because warrior skills really give too low dmg for me to skill them. Instead, I will rather max mental mastery & mental training so that your mp is self sufficient. You can literally dash through the map & gain mp instead of losing mp. This is because your mp regen is so high that it exceeds the lost in mp.

Most of the dmg skills will come from merc. There is a trend here. The lower the skills are on your skill tree, the higher dmg it deals. Of course, when fighting a boss, I will use the bone crash first. Get the boss the debuff first before unleashing all your skills on him. After that, I will want to use whirlwind or rolling atk instead of other skills cos the dmg is highest.

When I’m fighting a mob, I will prefer to use circle swing & ring bomb first. This is because these 2 skills have the highest aoe, & before the mobs scatter, it’s gd to sweep them off with a high aoe skills.

Normally when fighting mobs there is no need to use your def skills. When fighting a boss, you may need to use iron skin & howl charging. When fighting a crazy boss like DDN, you will need to even use havoc howl. Their normal attack hit hard so it’s best to lower their attacks.


1) Skill build

This is what I currently use. In fact, my build can also be considered a hybrid build cos it’s gd for PVE too.

For warrior


Relieve: Lvl 3 cos in pvp, there is totally no difference between lvl 3 & lvl 4! So don’t get tricked.

Rising slash: I max it cos it’s a catching skill.

Mental training: Maxed so that you won’t run out of mp in ladder.

Sweeping kick: I’m not doing wall combo so not getting it.

The rest are obvious.

For merc


Demolition fist: Lvl 1 to unlock.

Punishing swing: Maxed. This is a def skill as it has flinch effect.

Taunting howl: At least lvl 1. Has flinch effect, used for def.

Soccer kick combo: Lvl 1. Used to give opponent a higher lift.

Dash blow: I skip this.

The rest are obvious. Maxed to give the highest dmg. In T4, it’s very important to max out your hardest hitting skills rather than having lots of skills as the former will give you more dmg.

For barb


It’s obvious.

2) Item build

Well for comp on, the only thing you can improve are putting skill heraldries & skill accessories. For skill heraldries, it’s best to get circle swing, ring bomb, whirlwind, rolling atk, 20% dmg increase. This is because these are your hardest hitting skills so a 20% increase in dmg will give you a higher dmg than let’s say, stomp. The cd heraldry is really not worth it. Just do the math & you can tell that the reduction of a few seconds is not worth.

For ladder, the above skill heraldries can be used. But the difference now is that suffix plays an important role in winning. So the best suffix for armour is the hp suffix. It allows you to regen quite a lot of hp. So craft 4 pieces of hp. But for helmet, hp suffix is not offered. Get the mana suffix then. So that you have enough mp.

For weap, many will conveniently say K&R (kinght & restraint). The restraint suffix is not needed for barb, more on that later. And knight restraint is more commonly replaced by vigor suffix nowadays. I will recommend getting a combination of vigor & hp suffix. Vigor suffix is mostly used to deal with priests & pala who are so tank that you need as much mp as you can to finish them off. Hp suffix will replace the restraint suffix for more healing.

As for accessories, you can either get skill accessories or health lyrica accessories & sage lyrica rings. I choose health lyrica accessories & sage lyrica rings to increase my hp even further.

3) How to combo against all classes except acro

Alright in general, a combo can be split into 3 stages, the catch, combo, lift. You have to do this in order. Note that whenever I mention circle swing, I mean circle swing + circle swing EX + soccer kick combo. Also note that these 3 stages are not applicable against acro, they are an exceptional case.

The first stage when seeing your opponent is to catch him. Catching skills will knock off the ground & then lift him up in the air. Your catching skills are circle swing, ring bomb, stomp & rising slash, whirlwind in order of priority. Circle swing is no doubt the best catching skill. Ring bomb is second as it can’t hit when opponent is too close to you. As the SA for rising slash is very low, it’s best to use stomp first before using rising slash. To ensure that your rising slash hits. Whirlwind is used as a catching skill only against classes which you have to keep atking.

Then when he’s in the air, execute your combo skills. Your combo skills are rolling atk, bone crash, whirlwind, in order. Many people don’t know when to use their combo skills, especially bone crash. You should not use these combo skills if you didn’t get your opponent lifted up in the air beforehand.

The next stage when he’s on the ground, is to lift & go for a second round of combo. It’s either rising slash or circle swing that is able to lift him again. After lifting, you realise that your combo skills are on cd. So instead of using wall combo, which I do not use cos it’s too troublesome, I use the normal atk combo. For axe users, the normal atk combo is to use normal atk x6 hit, impact punch, normal atk x6 hits. The impact punch will give your opponent a small lift, enough for you to execute another series of normal atk. So don’t underestimate the use of normal atks for merc, cos unlike other classes, axe users can have 6 hits for their normal atks.

For def, stomp, punishing swing, & taunting howl are skills to use. This is because they have the flinch effect. Other than that, stomp has an amazing SA break.

You have 3 or 4 evasive skills, aerial evasion, crisis howl, wake atk, (relieve). when you are caught, use the evasive skills. The 1 or 2 air evasive skills are aerial evasion & relieve. Aerial evasion is better cos it has a bit of iframe, &  you can jump away in a certain direction to keep your distance against your opponent. Relieve can only be used as evasive skills if your opponent does not have any debuff! Your ground evasive skill will be crisis howl. Your recover from knockdown evasive skill will be wake atk.

Iron skin, battle howl, howl charging can be used whenever their cd is ready. Cyclone axe can be used both as a catching or a combo skill. Flying swing is used when your opponent uses tracking arrows. The idea is since you are going to be hit, you might as well minimize the dmg dealt to you.

Back to my skill build. I decided to max out rising slash despite it using up a lot of sp because it’s a gd catching skill, & also because I have some sp spare on the warrior skill tree. I don’t use the side kick & sweeping kick combo, as I don’t use wall combo. Instead, I replace it with the normal atk combo. Demolition fist is not used despite having an EX because it’s slow & other skills don’t connect with it after using it. Most people will have dash blow as a catching skill, but most of the time before you can get that near to your opponent, you are hit by their skills instead.

You can see that barb will catch & lift their opponent before they combo. This is why restraint suffix is not needed because restraint suffix keep your opponent immobile on the ground when it occurs. Instead, barb’s gameplay is such that you are going to sweep your opponent off the ground to execute your combo.

4) How to deal with acro

To understand why the 3 stage combo is not applicable against acro, we have to take a look at acro’s air evasive skills. They have aerial evasion (18s cd), cancel circle shot (45s cd), & tip top (7s cd). We have just 3 catching skills. So by rotating the use of air evasive skills, acro will be able to evade from all our catch . Now the problem is that we can’t go past the first stage of combo when fighting against acro

So to deal with them, I think we will just spam circle swing, ring bomb, whirlwind, stomp, rolling atk, punishing swing. The idea is to just hit them as much  as possible, with some of the skills used aimlessly.

5) Common mistakes in combo

The order of skill usage is very important in PVP. For example, if you use a bone crash & then a rolling atk, the rolling atk will most likely miss or hit a few hits, not the full blown 7 hits. If you use a whirlwind followed by a bone crash, your opponent will wake atk & hit you back instead. So if you realise that your combo is broken, there is something wrong with the order of your skills.

Using skills such as bone crash & rolling atk aimlessly. I mean when your opponent is still walking around, not being lifted in the air. You won’t land your bone crash cos it has low SA & it’s aoe is small, unless you are very lucky. If you use rolling atk, you won’t be able to get the full blown of 7 hits on your opponent. The only time you can use skills aimlessly is against acro, cos you have no choice.

Knowing you opponent’s skills is also very important. This is so that you know how to counter or avoid their skills. There are times where you should not spam your skills happily. This is when you encounter saint’s holy shield, swordmaster’s parrying stance, & clerics’s block. If you realise that there are green numbers appearing when you fight saint, you should stop hitting for a few seconds, if not you heal him instead. If swordmaster raise up his sword in a certain way, you should not hit him as he have 100% block in parrying stance. If clerics use block, you should use normal atk to reduce his block counter. Kazu’s knowing your skills videos are very informative, you are encouraged to watch.

6) Group pvp

Group pvp is different from 1v1 pvp. Hence you need a different technique to deal with it.

When you see your teammates catch an opponent, you don’t use your catching skills. You should use your combo skills to deal dmg, not waste another catching skill on an opponent that is already caught. You should use the bone crash first to give a debuff on your opponent, so that subsequent hits on him will deal him an additional 320 dmg. Then spam your hardest hitting skills such as rolling atk & whirlwind, followed by other skills.

When your cyclone axe is ready, use the iron skin, use rolling atk to get into a group of opponents, & then use the cyclone axe. Your cyclone axe has a very high aoe & dmg, so you should make full use of it & try to hit as many opponents as you can. Identify which place has more opponents grouped together, then use your cyclone axe on them. It’s a great help to the team.


Barb is a class with many high aoe skills, compared to other classes. It’s also very gd for pve. Battle howl is needed in every pt to boost their atk/matk & crit. The bone crash gives a huge debuff to bosses & increases the dps of this class. Though for pvp, it struggles against some classes which are more op than him. But he has an op skill too, the iron skin. In the future lvl 70 cap, barb’s skills will be further improved to have an even greater dps. I choose to play barb because I like to use a melee character that rushes to the front to atk, & it’s very fun to do so.


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