Dragon Nest Talisman System Guide

With the update just around the corner for the newest stat-boosting system in the form of talisman, let me explain to you what exactly is this system and what direct impact does it have to your whole gaming experience. Trust me, receiving a separate tab from your character’s user-interface says a lot that this system is indeed something you might wanna take seriously, because whether you like it or not, you will be needing all the possible boost you need in the game, both stat-wise or just in the other aspects.

TL;DR? Here is a screenshot of the system introduction from DNSEA.



Let’s make it simple here. Talismans are actually a new type of equipment introduced in the game. Yes, it receives a separate interface from heraldries, and much like them, they boost your stats. Unlike heraldries, though, talismans have no percentage gain whatsoever, but the catch can be found in its UI itself. It boosts a specific stat (e.g. Str, Int, Agi, Vit, physical attack, magic attack, etc.) relative to its position in the interface.


As an example, if you have a talisman that gives 100 Str and you slot it in the 200% slot, you will, of course, gain 200 Str instead. If it is slotted to the 125% slot, you will get 125 Str points. The same goes to the rest of the talismans available in the game. Keep in mind that they can be traded, and have different rarities/grades, which gives higher stats as the rarity climbs. From the picture above, you can see that there are eight slots availablebut you cannot equip the same type of talisman at once, similar to heraldries. They can also be moved from one slot to another, depending on your calling.



As mentioned above, talismans are also divided into several rarities and grades, and they can also be classified into categories, depending on their effects/properties.

A. Offensive Talisman

  • Ultimate, increases final damage stat.
  • Bear, increases Str stat.
  • Intellect, increases Int stat.
  • Wind, increases Agi stat.
  • Destruction, increases physical attack power.
  • Magician, increases magic attack power.
  • Fatal, increases critical rate.
  • Shock, increases stun rate.
  • Restraint, increases paralyze stat.

B. Defensive Talisman

  • Life’s Vitality, increases max HP.
  • Health, increases Vit stat.
  • Iron Wall, increases defense stat.
  • Tent, increases magic defense stat.
  • Blessed, increases critical resist.
  • Dauntless, increases stun resist.
  • Commitment, increases paralyze resist.
  • Mana, increases max MP

C. Special Talisman 

  • Wealth, increases the drop rate of gold from dungeons.
  • Blessing, increases the drop rate of items from a specific dungeon or nest. This talisman will grant an additional drop of a specific item depending on the type of blessing talisman used (e.g. Desert Dragon Nest blessing talisman, Memoria I blessing talisman, etc.) and will be exclusive to the player with one. All players equipped with the talisman will receive their respective additional drops.

Keep in mind that these two special talismans are time-limited and will only activate on the specific dungeon they have. They will only be effective if the talismans are equipped before entering the dungeon.

Talismans are only available for level 60 characters, and it carries over to the next level cap. There are normal, magic, and rare talisman that affect the stat or additional effect granted, as well as low grade, intermediate grade, and high grade talisman that also affect everything


Talismans drop from dungeon bosses and mobs, or from the chest selection, in different dungeon difficulties. Currently, dungeons that are below level 60 do not drop them. The level of the talisman dropped will of course follow the current cap of the dungeon.

  • Normal to Hard mode drop normal rarity talismans.
  • Master mode drops normal rarity talismans and magic rarity talismans of the previous level (since we are still in the level 60 cap, this is not possible).
  • Abyss mode drops magic rarity talismans of the current cap.

The grades will be decided randomly, but dungeon bosses have a higher chance of dropping intermediate grade ones. Special talismans can be obtained from Lagendia Expedition (this might be changed in DNSEA due to several content factors), while disassembling items also have a chance to drop them.

Goddess Breaths can also be used to exchange for talisman pouches, which will give you a random talisman, so make sure to stack up those precious breaths! Your never-ending daily questing will finally pave way for your personal gain and happiness. You need four breaths + 7.5 gold to do so.


The developers did say that additional talisman slots can be opened through the use of a cash shop item. Talisman crafting and disassembling is also a new system that will be fully implemented in the next cap (I might hold you back at this one as Cherry Credits might actually decide to just release the full feature of talismans at this level cap instead of 70). Through this, intermediate grade talismans can be crafted for those darn precious high grade ones, which will definitely make you a fortune (and imagine the stat gain from those).

This pretty much sums up the upcoming talisman system! Dragon Nest SEA will finally have a taste of more power from this new system, and players should be able to find a new motivation to further power up their characters! Of course, the festive spirit of Christmas will be visiting Lagendia too, so make sure you dress warmly and cozily this season!


5 Comments on “Dragon Nest Talisman System Guide”

  1. leegunawan says:

    i wonder EPIC grade Ultimate Talisman… :3
    how much stats can give ..?

  2. only magic and rare no epic or unique?

  3. Help says:

    Speaking of disassembling talismans,
    Are we able to disassemble low grade talismans?
    And can they be disassembled regardless of rarity grade?

    E.g. Can Low Grade Shock Talisman (Magic) be disassembled? Or only Intermediate and higher…

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