Krystal’s Elestra Skill Build

HI everyone! Its me marty, yeah right. Hahaha

Ill be showing you how to build up an elestra But take in mind that this is just a “GUIDE” and im not forcing you to follow this point by point, this is just meant to help you understand the Skills of an elestra and some basic points on being an elestra. So feel free to contact me In-Game if you want to ask some questions.


I – Skill Builds

II – Gearing Up tips

III – Ice Stacking Tips


I. Skill Build

I’m showing you my ELESTRA skill build, and I’ll try to explain each skill for you to understand what it does and how it can help you. Do notice that this is based on my personal play style and it is not the best build out there ,  you are very free to choose what to add and deduct.


Click on the picture for a larger preview.

Ok then.

[Sorceress Skill Tree]

I Maxed out the Blink, Escape, Aerial Evasion, HP Mastery and MP Recovery.

*Note that the Mental Mastery is only level 1 because your MP is high already.

Glacial Spike (Level 16) – This skill is an important skill as a sorceress, It has a possibility to freeze your opponents, therefore, it helps you maintain an ice layer.

Poison Missile (Level 6) – I got it to level 6 to spawn 3 poison pools instead of 2.

Hammer Attack (Level 1) – w/c can be activated by using Jump + Right Click, – If you are going pure PVE, do not take this skill. If you want to pvp at some times, this is pretty important. Using Fire Wall + Hammer Attack can cancel your enemies’ aerial evasion. And can give you a chance to combo your opponent again.

*Note that i did not put any points into shockwave, where most sorcs do, my reason is that i tend to forget i have that skill. (LMAO) But seriously, it is useful, not just on my playstyle. If you want to have shockwave, just reduce points from glacial spike and/or hammer attack then add to shockwave.

[Element Lord Skill Tree]

Fireball (Level 1) – if you want a Fire Elestra, then you have an option to max this skill, i put it @ Level 1 coz it can still deal high damage.

Inferno(Level1) – Level 6 gives a longer range, I put it at level 1. In pvp, it can be used to flinch your opponents too.

Firewall(Level 1) – A nice skill because it has super armor and can use it to bait your opponent’s Aerial evasion in Pvp.

Fire Shield(Level 1) – Just for prerequisite. If you need to use shields, use Ice shield.

Flame Road(Level 6) – In pvp, Its hard to get full hits on a skilled target, But in PVE, thats a different story, you can max this if you want, and i suggest a skill accessory to make it level 11.

Flame Spark( Level 1) – If you are going pure pve, might as well not take this skill. But its kinda useful in pvp.

Frost Wind( Level 1) – You can level it to 6 if you want too. But i just put it to level 1. For Pve, use this skill to reduce ice resistance, a very helpful skill for ice stacking. In Pvp, you can use this skill to flinch your opponents.  (Tip: Frost Wind + Normal Attack will Knock down your opponents)

Phoenix Storm (Level 9, Maxed) – One of the most hard hitting skill w/ an almost instant cast animation. This is a very useful skill both in PVP and PVE. It also has a nice Damage / Cooldown ratio.

Glacial Wave (Level 9, Maxed) – A must max skill for an elestra, very useful in Pve and Pvp coz it can instantly freeze your opponents.

Ignite/Shatter (Level 0) – Well this is my own playstyle and i prefer not using Ignite/Shatter. But its a good skill in terms of damaging your opponents though. you can have the choice to invest some points in this skill.

Hellfire(Level 1) – its a free skill and it boosts your fire skills, so why not? 🙂

Icy Shards(Level 1) – Does not deal a very insane damage but very useful both for pve and pvp. If you are more on the Pve side, you can just put this skill to level 6 and invest the points on some other skills.

Freezing Field(Level 15 + 1) – You must have a skill ring for this 1. Because in pvp, this skill gives a very insane damage, 38k (w/ crit) was the highest i dealt so far w/ my elestra, that was on ladder. Also, this skill is a very crucial skill being an elestra, You must put this skill higher than any other ice skills so other ice skills cant break your ice layer w/ freezing field. In short, Freezing field should be the highest leveled ice skill on your skill tree.

Frozen Spikes(Level 11) – A very good damaging skill in terms of Damage/Cooldown. This skill can really provide you with a good DPS.

Ice Shield(Level 1) – Its your choice wether to max this skill or not. I chose level 1 because this skill can consume a lot of your MP.

Chilling Mist(Level 10) – You have an option to max this skill or not, This skill can deal pretty decent damage in PVE but Flame Road deals more damage. In Pvp, Chilling Mist hurts like hell.

Blizzard Storm – A very nice ultimate to have imo, it can help you stack and deal very high damage at the same time.

[Elestra Skill Tree]

Ice Barrier(Level 1) – its growth from level 1 to level 2 is not that significant so i chose to put it to level 1 instead.

Ice Sphere(Level 4. Maxed) – The best skill to have as an ice stacker imo, Definitely a must max!

As for the EXes, i got them all.


II. Gearing Up Tips

As an elestra, it is really recommended to boost your elemental attack, rather than Matk.Because elemtal attack Percentage acts like FD Percentage but has no limit.

For weapon pots, try to get at least Agi, Int, Ice attack or Int Fire Ice will be better.

For Ring Pots, try to get Agi, Int, Ice Attack &.

For Critical, it is not really recommended to have max crit (33k crit stat), do take note that you dont play alone. Having a howler and an Archer on your party can really boost your crit, so dont go over 70% crit imo.

For FD, Its a very expensive way of boosting your char, but if you have the $$$ then why not? :O

For Matk, well, Elem Attack % > Magic Attack.


For weapons, you can go Dual Intellect, because in a party, The smasher will be the one to cover your Tent suffix needs and so, it would be a waste if the two of you got the Tent debuff at the same time.

For Armors, you can choose to go all intellect, but if you want survivability over dealing damage, go for VIT suffix w/ some armors. Going full vit wont help you that much in terms of crit (wind) or damage (intellect). So VIT for robe and Tights will do if you are going for a high survivability rate especially in DDN.

For Heraldries,

You can go for Wise, Wind, Fatal, Magician, Life Vit, Health, Tent and Iron Wall.

Ultimate Plate isnt really my choice since you need high numbers to have significant FD %.

For skill plates, just choose the skills w/c you like to use the most.

For Accesories,

I suggest you go for skill rings compared to Hon Tribe Accesories, because +1 Freeze Field is a very good help in your case.


III – Ice Stacking Tips

As an elestra, it is your job to put ice layers and more importantly you must know when and when not to use your skills.

This information is from Saurus of CDN and can explain pretty well how it works.

Basic Knowledge: Freeze debuff (ice layers)

1-Freeze debuff (ice layers) increases damage on a frozen target up 2x. (Works for you & your party)
-Some targets cannot be frozen.
-Freeze debuff from the same skills don’t stack.

2-Freeze debuff immobilizes the affected target (excludes boss class)

3-Freeze debuff duration is affected by the target’s -ice%.
-higher the target’s ice% resist = shorter duration of freeze debuff.
-lower the target’s ice% resist = longer the duration of freeze debuff.
-Int suffix increases freeze duration.

4-Freeze debuff increases the affected target’s SA.
-(e.g. in Hell Giga nest,, you can’t cancel the golem’s AOE explosion with right click cannon when the boss is frozen)
-when the target SA is increased, there is a tendency for certain skills do do multiple hits on the target. (FF can sometimes do 2~3hits on a high SA target)

5-Freeze debuff works like kali’s Summon puppet.
-some boss will fly away etc. While they are in the air they can’t be attacked by normal means.
– However, when the target is frozen prior to its flight,,the target htibox remains on the ground and you and your party members are able to attack it until the ice shatters.
-The freeze debuff on the target can be reapplied as long as the hitbox remains on the ground.

6- FF Ex’s Freeze debuff is treated like the -ice% debuff.
-FFEx Freeze shatters when:
-same skill lvl -ice% is applied to the frozen target. (lv16 FFEx is canceled by lv16 Sword Ex)
-higher skill lvl -ice% is applied to the frozen target. (lv1 FFex is canceld by lv2 frost wind.)
-when the freeze duration expires
-icy fraction

7- Shatter removes all debuffs caused by ice skills.

8- some say that Freeze debuff has durability that increase with skill lvl. [i.e. The Freeze layer shatters before the listed freeze duration expires.]
-it is uncertain if all Freeze debuff has durability.
– e.g. lv1 GW will shatter instantly in 8-man party due to hit count.

*Some tips on ice stacking

1) Freezing Field EX–> Ice Sphere –> Frozen Spikes EX –> DPS Skills –> Glacial Spike –> Glacial Wave –> DPS Skills

2) Freezing Field EX/Frozen Spikes EX –> Blizzard –> DPS Skills –> Glacial Spike –> Glacial Wave –> DPS Skills
3) Frost Wind –> Ice Sphere –> Frozen Frozen Spikes EX –> DPS Skill –> Freezing Field –> Glacial Spikes –> Glacial Wave –> DPS Skills

As for Icy Shards (Freezing Sword!) , it only has 10% ice resist debuff, so it can be used if FF , Frozen Spikes , Frost Wind are on cooldown to help debuff before ice stacking again.


Well that should be all, Note that some info i posted here are based from research and experience. Please feel free to comment and contact me in game.

DN 2013-09-01 16-44-00 Sun

Have a nice day! 🙂


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  1. JorgeJorge says:

    hm nice build! thanks for sharing~ might consider this skill build for my future Eles~

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