Full Support Saint Build by Sir Kacin

  Hello , I’m Kacin from another planet Called Indonesia

For today Ill show u my butt, ups i mean Skill build About my Saint Build Full Support Only

I. Introduction: Discriminated Character

Well you guys know, that everybody in this DN World need priest, for as they main healer

Though Priest class has been discriminated in leveling, but still they need us

so dont worry to choose priest..

anyway at lv 45, the priest divided into two classes, Inquisitor(Inqui) And Saint. Which Inqui become Priest DPS class and Saint will be Priest Support Class

Anyway Lets get Going into Skill build

II. Skill Build

DN 2013-06-28 21-31-46 Fri

II.A Cleric Skill Tree

1. Charge Bolt: Just add it if u want into 6,11/19 , basically People max it but in my build i just get it into 6

2. Heal,Sliding Step, Aerial Evasion, Thoughness, Mind Conqueror : No comment, MAX IT

3. Block: No need, do you want your Skill canceled, of course not huh..

4. Holy Bolt: just add 1 if you want, or not, but in my build i added 1

5. Aura Restoration: Get it for increase ur Heal capability

6. Mental Mastery: Basically people left it bec priest has more MP, but in my build i maxed all my passive skill

Next Step Priest Skill Tree

DN 2013-06-28 21-31-53 Fri

II.b. Priest Skill Tree

1. L. Bolt: just get it lvl 1 for ur damage skill

2. Mind Breaker: add 1 lvl only

3. Chain Lightning : MAX IT

4. Detonate : i dont need it, but if you go PVP saint u should get it at least 1

5. Heavenly Judgment : No need it

6. Striking, Prot Shell, Bless light: Maxed it for ur buff

7. Wand Mastery:  Max it

8.Lightning Relic: Just get it lv 6 for your EX

9. Healing  Relic: Max it, its heal more than ordinary Heal

10.  Cure Relic : Max it for additional light attack and cure abnormality

11. Bind Relic: Max it, for better CD

12. Miracle Relic: just get into lv 1, because at lv 2 no buff increased/ duration increased

13. Grand cross: Leave it at lv 1

14. Holy burst: in other people build, they max this skil into lv 10, but in my build im not max it, but if you want max it go ahead

15. Avenging Wave : Just need 1 lvl

Next Step Saint Skill Tree

DN 2013-06-28 21-32-14 Fri

II.C Saint Skill Tree

1. Holy Shit (i mean Shield) : Max it, its nice skill, u can heal when ur damaged

2.Shock Of Relic: in my case i just need it 1, but if u want to maxed it go ahead, imagine BT + SB , how many Lightning relic u will cast it

3. Lightning Relic Ex: Just enhanced lightning relic, do more damage

4. Healing Relic Ex: range increase 15m , and reduce damage 20% (Woohooo)

5. Cure Relic Ex: Range increased , and can push back mobs 😀

III. Item Build

For Your Eq (lv 60 cap)

Use Honourable Tribe Set, because it increase your m.att, Saint need m.att for heal.

And for suffix go intellect Suffix for all armor except cuffs, Cuffs go iron wall, chance increasing your SA.

And for your weapon, wand goes intellect suffix, and shield goes Magic suffix

Next part Heraldry

i will recommend this heraldry:

1. Int

2. Bear

3. Wind

4. Health

5. Life Vit

6. Mana

7. Magic

8. Energy

If you’re rich people go all 3rd status + m.att

so for Heraldry Skill

you can use this combination :

1. Cure Relic (CD)

2. Healing Relic (CD)

3. Miracle Relic (CD)

4. Heal (CD/increase Rate)

5. Lightning Relic (CD)

6. Bind Relic (CD) If there any bind relic plate

IV. Closing

So for the conclusion , even though this char was discriminated and nominated to be gayest char in DN party, TRUST ME THEY WILL NEED US PERMANENTLY. So dont be afraid for make Saint,

Thankyou, and if there any word wrong or grammar wrong, I DONT CARE.


Kacin – Saint (60)

Mrs Dident – Tempest( Ongoing to 60)

Dident – Physician ( Still stuck at 50)

ChingsKali – Soul Eater (Still Stuck at 48)


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