Queen Asuna’s PvE Smasher Guide

Hello guys, xXA5UNAXx here and this is my skill build for Smashers. Basically, this build corresponds with my playing style so you don’t need to follow this build blindly and feel free to put some changes on your build. This is only a reference for those people who will take the path of Smashers.

If you have some questions or any reaction regarding this build, feel free to PM me in the game or leave a message here. Thank you! :3

I. Smashers Introduction

War Mages, also known as Smashers here on SEA, plays a vital role in parties, especially in nest and most likely raids. It is capable of supporting party members, can play as SUB DPS and can actually control its area of surroundings. They can cast skills such as Beyond Time, which is a party-friendly skill capable of reducing the cool down of all skills by 80%, some referred that this is somewhat the ultimate skill for Force User classes. Also it has a unique capability of controlling the time of the player or mob by stopping it’s time for a few seconds.

 Smasher skills are mostly AOE and it really helps the party on wiping large number of mobs, which is why most people are really fond of using Smashers. Also Smashers are really cost friendly than her other sorceress sisters; because you will only focus on stacking raw magic attack and attaining its critical cap.

So now let us direct our attention in my skill build which is basically a PURE PVE SMASHER skill guide. :3

(Special thanks to Zib and Wave for some words and ideas for making this introduction. Lol)



Click on the image for larger preview.

Sorceress Skill Tree

Glacial Spike (LVL16) – Why not 20!?, the reason is that this build is suitable for partying and raiding, having an elestra in the party is always an option by raid teams, so i only attain 20% freezing chance just to assists elestra’s on ice stacking

Poison Pool (LVL6) – Just to get the 3 pools for poison

No Shockwave and Force Explosion – Like i said, this build is for PVE only, so i keep it at 0..and my playing style doesn’t require this two

Of course most of the passive skills like blink, escape, aerial, HP and MP recover are maxed. Also Mana Flow really helps me on maintaining my mana so why not get it? No sp cost required.

Force User Skill Tree

Gravity Ball LVL1 – for me, it is good for pushing mobs and deals a good damage at lvl 1.

Triple Orbs LVL11 – at first, i thought this skill is hard to cast and aim it properly, but i realize that having this skill is really awesome, especially on bosses, like dragons and other big bosses. It is really easy to aim it on large boss and it generates a decent damage. as i recall, i have 60k per hit of those balls and i really find it awesome..

Black Hole LVL 1 – i only use this for stacking mobs  and casting LC or Comet to finish them in one blow

Summon Comet LVL 11 – Nice AOE Dark Attribute Skill, has a nice damage and a good skill fodder. i really find this skill amusing on raids and other nest..

Teleport LVL 5 – For me i maxed this skill to utilize my movements for easier and efficient. i can freely move and cast skills more easier and better.

Force Wave LVL 1 – good for pushing mobs and flinching them.. Dark Attribute skill too..

Time Stop LVL 1 – The reason is that, most of the mobs, specially the mobs, are not affected by time stop, and most of the time i almost killed the mobs before i can cast time stop. Better at 1 if you are a PVE Type

Beyond time is maxed!!! LVL3 – an awesome skill really, this is what FU’s keep on fighting the front lines. By the effect of this skill you can decreased the cool down time of all skills by 80%..really an OP skill for FU’s.

NO gravity trap, NO Time Interruption and No Gravity Blast..

I found this useful on PVP, but since i focus on PVE, i rather leave it at 0 or not to get it..and spend the sp points on other PVE skills that gives a good damage output.

Linear Ray LVL 16 – a good skill on the laser type skill, on charged 3 you can shoot several lasers and has a good range of casting (EX version).

Force Shield LVL 1 – This skill is actually good, it can increase you magic attack power by 5 % at 1 and 25% if maxed for 20 secs. The only downside of this skill is that you need to be hit first to activate this skill and it is by chance. Think of a scenario in which you need to get hit first to activate this skill. you might just put it on 1, sadly but you need to survive if you want to go on raid parties.

Nine Tail Lasers LVL 11 – Shoots 9 lasers with a range of 4m from the target itself..has a nice damage output and AOE. at EX version of this skill, if all lasers are all hit on the same mob or boss, it will increase the damage by 50%..really cool if i do say so myself. at PVP i found this skill so amusing that it can actually stop a paladin doing electric smite on front of you, Furthermore it can flinch enemies easier and efficient.

Force Mirror LVL 4 – It increases your magic damage by 30% if maxed. Ex version of this skill is that it is enhanced and can attack near by enemies. It has a damage output of 130% per attack and an area of 7m..360 degrees

Spectrum Shower LVL 10 (Need a Skill Acce Please :D) – a great skill on the laser tree, it creates a overhead laser ball that fires laser, 360 degrees, to all enemies around it’s casting area. has a good damage output and AOE.

Eraser LVL 2 – Summon a magic sphere to protect and fire an array of powerful lasers to the enemy. The good asset of this skill is not the damage output but the reduction itself. It always saves me on any kind of situation like ice breath, dragon claws and other hard hitting skills. 75% damage reduction, physical and magic damage.

Smasher Skill Tree

Arcane LVL 3 (with a skill accessory) – it concentrates MP for a set period of time and greatly increases magic attack by 20% if maxed. a good skill to increase your magic attack but sacrifices a certain amount of MP every time you cast a skill.

Laser Cutter LVL 5 (With Skill accessory) – the signature move of smashers, summons a laser that drops vertically from the sky. Dealing massive damage to those who targeted by this skill. Slowly moving towards and if all hits are targeted, an additional 33% damage and if it explodes upon hitting a wall, an additional 50% damage.

Basically, this build corresponds with my playing style so you don’t need to follow this build blindly and feel free to put some changes on your build. This is only a reference for those people who will take the path of Smashers.


Smashers must increase its raw magic attack together with the critical cap in order for this class to stand as a sub DPS. Also prioritizing the defense, max hp and survivability of this class is a must. Sorceress are really soft, even though they are flexible to play with, 1 hit from a boss will surely give you a feeling of being slap on the face.

So therefore I will share my ITEM build so that all you guys will have reference of what kind of gears a smasher should carry on.

Note. This ITEM build is not the best. I’m only an average player and not the rich to buy some high enhance gears. This gears are suitable in my playing style and this are the gears I used in finishing raid runs such as Green Dragon Nest and Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore.


We’ll I aim for 3 Honorable Tribe items and Lyrica Rings, 1 is crafted LC (Laser Cutter) skill ring.

Basically, a Smasher must stack raw magic damage + critical + max HP in order to survive in raids.

Skill ACCE must be:

    • Crafted Lyrica Necklace – ARCANE AGI INT MAX HP or INT VIT MAXHP POT
    • Crafted Lyrica Earrings – Spectrum Shower AGI INT MAX HP or INT VIT MAXHP POT
    • Crafted Lyrica Rings – LC or FORCE MIRROR (Average POT – MAGIC AGI INT) or (CRIT POT ATK MGC AGI INT CRIT)

Enhancement Plates must be:

    • Intellect
    • Magician
    • Tent
    • Iron wall
    • Fatal
    • Wind
    • Life Vitality
    • Health

Enhancement Plates 2nd OPT:

    • Ultimate
    • Dauntless, blessed or restraint with 3rd stat crit or magic attack if you are rich enough

Skill Plates

    • Beyond Time – cool down decreased  by 6.0%      
    • Liner Ray or Spectrum Shower – DMG plate 20% increased
    • Laser Cutter – DMG plate 20 % increased              
    • Eraser Plate – Cool down decreased by 6.0%

And that’s all for my Smasher Skill/ITEM build. Force user class is really fun to play with, need a lot of concentration regarding supporting and damaging at the same time. This class is very useful in nest, especially on raid runs. You need to be patient and practice on controlling this class to maintain your sub DPS/ Support role. This class can be solo friendly if you are rich enough to spend tons of cash in-game. But as for me, I choose to be a party-based player and intend to help others, support them on nest and raids, and other stuffs.


2 Comments on “Queen Asuna’s PvE Smasher Guide”

  1. Lloyd Dacles says:

    OMG..Thanks sir Glenn Vincent ^^

  2. swk says:

    hi nice guide but do you think ucould make the skil tree pic clearer

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