WaveStyle’s Pure PvE Moonlord Build

Hello all, my name is WaveStyle and this is the skill build of my Moonlord. Do not follow this build blindly for this was made by me for me, add or subtract points according to your play style.

If you want to know more about this build or me (lol) feel free and leave a message, or PM me in game.

This guide is for those MLs out there, and for players who are planning to take on the Moonlord path.

MLs have decent DPS and all these flashy looking skills, and to tell you the truth, making a strong ML isn’t CHEAP. You would need a LOT of farming, BUT nevertheless playing as an ML is enjoyable.

I hope that this video that I made will serve as an inspiration for my fellow MLs out there.

So let’s proceed to the skill build.

Skill build (Wave)

Warrior tree:

Level 6 Circle Break – For that decent close range AOE/Mob clearing damage. You can also pump up the points into Impact Wave if you want that range DPS.

Physical and Mental Mastery Maxed – Simply for more HP and MP.

Mind Conquer Maxed – Decent mana regen.

Sword Master tree:

Level 1 Triple Slash and Front Shove – Mob clearing

Level 1 Eclipse – Mob clearing, so why not level 6? because we’ll get Parrying Stance for survivability.

Level 1 Dash Slash and Dash Combo – Well, would you like to dash and do nothing afterwards?

Moonlight Splitter Maxed – Main DPS.

Cyclone Slash Maxed – Why not 11? Because I want more DPS for it. Feel free to lower it down to 11 and put the points somewhere else, you could even learn Aerial Combo or Counter Slash if you want.

Parrying Stance Level 1 – Simply a lifesaver.

Provoking Slam Maxed – More debuff equals more damage, get a skill accessory for this skill to get it to 50% debuff.

Brave Maxed – Self-explanatory.

Crescent Cleave Level 11 – Best AOE skill against large monsters.

Halfmoon Slash Maxed – Monstrous damage, remember to get a skill accessory for this skill too because of that 104% damage increase.

Great Wave Level 2 – Damage increase is awesome.

Moonlord skill tree:

Max everything. I don’t see any reason to even explain why.

Item Build:

• Necklace – Honourable Tribe’s Necklace [Get Agi, Int, Max HP or Int, Vit, Max HP]

• Earrings – Skills Lyrica Earrings (HMS +1) [Get Agi, Int, Max HP or Int, Vit, Max HP]

• Rings – Skills Lyrica Ring (Provoking Slam +1) & Honourable Tribe’s Ring [Attk power, Magic power, Agi, Int, Crit 17%] Or get Magic power, Agi, Int for the rings.

Enhancement Plates

• Magic

• Intellect

• Wind

• Fatal

• Ultimate/Tent

• Iron Wall

• Health

• Life’s Vitality

Skill Plates

Moonlight Splitter – DMG Increase

Halfmoon Slash – Action Speed

• Crescent Cleave – DMG Increase

Moon Blade Dance – DMG Increase

Or you could also get Flash Stance – DMG Increase | Great Wave – DMG Increase

[Update Hybrid skill builds] 11/09/13

Hybrid build #1 (w/o parry)

build no parry

Hybrid build #2 (w/ parry)

build with parry

I hope that this wall of text was worth your time.

That’s all for my ML’s skill build, remember to “PROVE THEM WRONG”, I hope you find this helpful.


9 Comments on “WaveStyle’s Pure PvE Moonlord Build”

  1. Zibalder says:

    Reblogged this on The Glenniverse.

  2. peps says:

    too blurry sir waves…can u send me a pic of the skill build privately??? tnx idol

  3. mynameiswavestyle says:

    Should be okay now 😉 click the image to enlarge it.

  4. Maviria says:

    Epic video is just epic. GG. ❤
    Thanks sir Wavey !

  5. rafiq says:

    which talisman do u recommend?

  6. mynameiswavestyle says:

    magic atk, int, life vit, health, fatal, wind, ironwall, tent in no particular order, equip them depending on what you need. btw this build is outdated hohoho

  7. rafiq says:

    damn but can i still follow this?

    • Pepe says:

      I’ve asked him to update his build (after he respec-ed last week) as soon as possible. I guess you can still take this as reference for your personal build, but for the meantime, all you can do is wait or look for other Moonlord skill builds out there.

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